Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Post Pregnancy Woes

The squishy belly is annoying. Those last few pounds are just not coming off. I was couting WW points and adding in extra points because I am breastfeeding, but I feel like my milk supply has dimished some. Now, I don't know if it's because of the WW or if it's because I went back to work at the same time and started pumping a couple times of the day or if she is just drinking more and it feels like the supply has diminished. Being able to brastfeed is important to me and I want her to have all the benefits that accompany breastmilk, and I am not vain enough that I will compromise that to lose a few pounds (just as long as I don't gain more.)

Also, pumping sucks. I shouldn't complain because some people spend a long time to just waiting for their let down to kick in. I go to my office, set up the horns & bottles & pump and get going, put the milk in containers to bring to daycare and get my stuff all cleaned up.....all within 10minutes, 15 minutes tops. I know some people spend 10-15 minutes just waiting for letdown and then another 10-15 minutes pumping. Like I said, providing her breastmilk is important to me, so I will continue to pump. But it's not that fun to have your nipples artificially sucked.

The other thing people don't tell you about (& don't talk about) is that sex after delivery (even 4 months later) can and does hurt. I think how Andy said it the other day sums it up best. He said, "It's like putting on a glove that is one size too small." That's great for him, not so great for the glove. One person told me it took a year after birth for it to stop huting. It just sucks, that's all. It just means I need to be on top so that I can control it all, Andy just has to sit back and let me do my thing.

I checked out the book Spilled Milk from the library. I am almost done reading it, 1 chapter left. I wish I would have checked it out earlier, like when she was only a couple weeks old. But it is still very useful. I think anyone who is breastfeeding should definitly read it. It helps you realize that everything you are going through is alright and normal.

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