Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thoughts on the Debate

So - I watched the debate. These are the not exact words - some are - some are editorial comments as to what I think they are thinking. I am not sure that I will do the whole debate, as that will be really long. Here's what I got so far (debate still going on):

Comments on the debate:

First question went something like this: Do you think you could keep America safer in the war?
K’s answer went something like this: YES I DO! Now let me suck up to the people in FL. Blah, blah, blah blah.
B’s rebuttle: Ah, ah, ah. Shit. K beat me to the punch on the FL thing, so I better say something so that the people of FL vote for me and then I will say some other BS.

Do you think that K becoming president will increase our chances of another attack like 9/11?
B: Ahhhhh. No, because I am going to win but I am going to bring up some other issues that are not related to terrorist attacks because I really screwed up with not notifying the public that we had an idea of the attacks coming.
K: I WILL HUNT DOWN AND KILL THE TERROISTS WHEREVER THEY ARE. I am now going to talk about what has happened an how B dropped the ball. Then I am going to drop some names so that I sound impressive, but still continue to point out B’s fault.

What colossal misjudgments has B made in this area?
K: Oh, where do I begin. Let me just whip out my long list Remember that I was at war in Vietnam and that B let a lot of Americans be killed & cost us a lot of money on the war.
B: Well, my guys told me that Saddam was evil. I agree with K that the war was better off w/o Saddam. The world is safer w/o Saddam.

What about the priorities of going after Saddam rather than Osama?
B: I cannot really answer this question, so I am going to say a bunch of other stuff that justifies why we were at war in the first place. Hopefully no one notices that I didn’t answer this questions. Does anyone notice that my face looks orange tonight and my ears look really white. Does it make my ears stick out more?
K: Well, since B didn’t answer the question I am going to say some more attacks at B. Did you know people are buying armor over the internet for their kids to wear for protection?
B: Oh – he got me. I gotta get him now.
K: We have to be steadfast and I am. Can you follow my hands as I talk.

What would you do to increase homeland security?
K: Oh, I have a long list, but first I am going to point out what B is doing wrong. If I go on long enough about what he did wrong I will only have to say that I will protect America and not really give any details except to say some stuff about securing nuclear matter.
B: Dang. I don’t think he can do what he says. But that’s another debate. I am going to say what I have done, maybe stumble over my words. (Man, he’s whopping my ass here.)
K: Tax cut! If I throw this out people will listen.
B: I am doing my job. You better have a president that chases these terrorists down.

When do you decide when you are bringing home the troops?
B: Ummmmmm. I want to bring the troops home, but not until I have achieved (my) objective. Can’t give you an artificial deadline ‘cuz I will get you home when you get (my) mission done.
K: Thank you troops, help is on the way. You deserve better. If I say the right things I will get your vote. Now I am going to tell you how B. Sr. was a better president than B. Jr.
B: I need a follow up ‘cuz I have to show that I am as good as my daddy. Let’s bring up the whole flip-flop thing.
K: I made a mistake, but my mistake was not as big as yours invading Iraq.

Are Americans dying in Iraq for a mistake?
K: No, I am going to do a little flipping & flopping here, but man I am such a better debater. Do you notice that I never say ummmmmm….or ahhhh….
B: That is totally absurd. I have allies, how about Tony Blair or the Polish dude. I am going to bring up the flip-flopping thing again.
K: blah, blah blah
B: Hey! You forgot Poland. I wanna fight. (Dude – you are seriously pissing me off.)

What was the miscalculation and how did it happen?
B: Ummmm…blah, blah…….ummmm….blah, blah…..ahhhhh….blah, blah. I think you can be realistic and optimistic at the same time. It’s hard work.
K: The president described one kind of mistake and he said he would still do it the same way. I wouldn’t. The president is giving mixed messages.

You say the president has lied about the war on Iraq. Give examples.
K: I never used that harsh of word, but I will give you a list of many examples.
B: Man, how much is this debate going to cost me in points. K sure has lists of things I did wrong. I am going to try to point out a discrepancy he said. I don’t think K was misleading about a whole list of stuff. Let me finish. We both looked at the same intelligence.
K: I wasn’t misleading. The president chose the wrong way.
B: The only thing consistent about my opponents position is that he has been inconsistent.

Has the war in Iraq been worth the cost?
B: I am sorry that so many troops died. Every life is precious, but it is worth it.
K: I know what it was like to lose people in combat. Remember I was a war vet. Go to my website to see my plan. The president’s plan is 4 words “More of the same.”
B: Stop flip flopping. I am not sure that you were really flip flopping, but that is really all I have right now.
K: The pottery barn rule. You break it you fix it (wait – that was buy it, oh well, hopefully no one notices).

Can you give us a timeline?
K: The president keeps trying to mislead you on what I said, so I am going to tell you. But I am never going to tell you my timeline.
B: We’re getting the job done. You can't treat people like puppets. I believe they want to be free. K: I agree that they want to be free.
B: Let me interuppt. It’s essential that we win and under my leadership we will win.

Will you make us go to war again?
B: I never hope I have to, but the enemy attacked us and I need to do what I need to do. Look what we did to Libeya. I hope we never have to.
K: The president said the enemy attacked us – Saddam did not attack us, Osama did, Al Queda did. Talk about who is misleading now.
B: Listen, I know Osama attacked us. I am no dummy. I am running this country. We needed to deal with Saddam.
K: There are more countries that have capabilities for WMD than Saddam.

Some question on Pre-emptive Strike
K: blah, blah, blah, what is our credibility?
B: Ahhh, let me, I am not sure what K was talking about. (Really it’s because I was looking around and wasn’t really listening) So, now I am going to talk slowly to take up the rest of my time.

Some question about diplomacy & North Korea.
B: Sure I’ll answer this, blah, blah (my audience is losing interest)
K: The president did nothing. He totally screwed up things for 2 years in North Korea. He’s giving mixed messages.
B: Oh, I am totally screwed.

Why not send in troops to DAR4?
K: Yes, it is a genocide. They need to have the logistical capacity to stop the killing, plus we don’t have enough troops. I am going to increase our American forces.
B: I agree it is genocide. We donated a bunch of money to that place (which is money we have taken away from schools). I agree with K that we should work with the African Union.

You guys have major policy differences. What kind of character flaws does K have to be president?
B: That’s a loaded question. I admire that he has done a good job, he’s a good dad, he’s got good daughters, I admire he was a senator for so long, I won’t hold it against him that he went to Yale. I don’t like the flip-flopping.
K: I appreciate the personal comments. His daughters make me laugh. We have differences. This issue of certainty. You can be certain & be wrong and be certain and be right. You need to take in new stuff and change your mind. Certainty can get you in trouble (So – take that.)
B: I am not going to change.
K: I am not wilting or waivering (my face may look like it is melting though – I need more botox.)

If you are elected president, what is the single most threat to national security.
K: Nuclear proliferation. I wrote a book about it (please buy it ‘cuz Bush has so much more money than me to spend on campaigning.)
B: blah, blah blah, we are doing a bunch of stuff

Do both of your agree that nuculear proliferation is the single most threat to national security.
B: Yes,
K: Yes, but let me talk about N. Korea again
B: Stop bringing up N. Korea.

Last question. Did you misjudge the president of Russia?
B: No. There needs to be check & balances. He is a strong ally on the war on terror. I am on a first name basis with Vladimer. Errrr…..ummmmm….
K: I was in Russia to see the transformation personally.
B: You know my opinion on N. Korea. I can’t say anymore.
K: It was a threat. But that is not the issue. He said he would go to war as a last resort, but he didn’t and he spent billions of dollars.

Closing Remarks:
K: Thank you, thank you, thank you. We both love this country. We have different convictions. Who can get our troops home? What kind of world are your kids going to grow up in. I was a war vet, so I must be telling the truth. I got a bunch of plans. I believe our best days ahead of us. The future belongs to freedom not to fear. Give me the opportunity. Thank you & God Bless America.

B: The nest 4 years we will strengthen a bunch of stuff, the military will be all volunteer. We will build our alliances and won’t turn us over to other countries. Other countries should be free. We’ve been challenged and climbed the mighty mountain. We can achieve the peace we all want. I ask for your vote and may God continue to bless our great land.

Now let’s shake hands.

No Shit Sherlock!

Here's the article (my comments are below):

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- This is some pretty weird news: Only two percent of the world's women consider themselves beautiful.
That's the ugly truth of a new survey by Dove soap which asked ladies around the globe what they thought of their looks.
Only two percent of women describe themselves as beautiful, including three percent of American ladies and six percent of Brazilian babes.
By comparison, not one Japanese woman surveyed considers herself "beautiful" while 43 percent use the term "natural," and 26 percent say they have "average" looks.
Other stunning stats from the pretty poll include....
-- Nine percent of women arond the globe -- including 20 percent of British women -- claim they are "attractive."
-- Eight percent prefer the term "feminine"; seven percent say they are "good looking"; and seven percent will call themselves "cute."
-- Finally, only two percent of women describe themselves as "sexy."

Isn't it to Dove's advantage for women to not find themselves beautiful. The uglier and fatter a woman thinks she is, the more money that is to be made by companies. So, if you go to the dove website ( ) they have 4 different product categories that include deodorant, bodywash/bar, face care, and hair care. If people thought their natural scent was acceptable, there would be no need for products. I don't even think that Dove sells an unscented product. I would not have gone to buy hair dye (roots getting a little dark - going for golden blond this time around) today if I thought I was beautiful w/o any products. I would not put on some eyeliner & mascara (actually - I do that to look a little older. I worry a little bit that other staff and parents will think that I, too, am a high school student - but I generally don't wear much makeup on weekends, if any.) But the smell thing - I hate smelly people and don't want to be smelly myself. So, I, of course, help contribute to the revenue of companies selling perfumes, lotions, and bubble bath concoxtions. If woman continue to think they are fat & ugly they will spend more & more money trying to make themselves feel thin and pretty.

Three Cheers for Beer!

So - when I get older I can improve my memory skills with some alcohol. I guess that is something to look forward to:

DALLAS (Reuters) - Older women who have a drink or two a day have better memory skills
than non-drinkers, University of Texas researchers say.

This woman really needs to read the above article so that she can appeal. She was only trying to imrpove her job performance.

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - A court reporter found herself on the other side of the law after failing a sobriety test at work. Myrna Gay Parrish, 50, was booked into the Haskell County jail on complaints of misdemeanor public intoxication after finishing work in a judge's courtroom Monday, officials said.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Not Long Enough

The weekend is just not long enough in my opinion. I really think that Friday should be a weekend day as well and only work 4 days a week.

Friday night we had a beer bash to raise money for the sponsorship for our volleyball team. This year I am playing for a different team. We are sponsored by the bar called After Midnight. It was an ok time. Some dumbass drunk fool decided that it would be a good idea to stumble into me and kiss my neck. What the fuck! Get the hell off of me. I chewed him a new asshole.

Saturday was pretty relaxing. I went to the Farmer's Market and then ran some other errands, then did a little yardwork, did a little shopping at the outlet mall, then we went up to the Cities so that Andy could check out the truck that was lifted so high that I was not sure I would ever get in or out (he decided against it) and then ate some food at Tacoville (huge burritos, but rather bland - guess I am spolied by having authentic Mexican food in our area) and then came home and watched some movies ("50 First Dates" and "Bad Santa"). I finished reading another book "Welcome to My Country". It's these memoirs of a therapist that worked with schizophrenia & borderline patients. Interesting read. Just started reading "The Botox Diaries" now.

Sunday came and brought 3 1/2 hours at an auction. Didn't buy too much there, most of it was junk, but was going cheap so I stayed. Andy was home watching football, so there was nothing much else to do. I got a little sun burned on my neck and face - that will keep me from becoming pastey too early this winter. Went for a walk with Andy and then relaxed. A pretty low-key weekend, but still not long enough.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm Not Jewish

No - I am not Jewish. Local Jewish Ass is an anagram. I have some other anagrams I like too (depending upon what combination of names I use - first & middle, first & maiden last, first & husband's last, hypenated last name - you know whatever).

Here are some other anagrams for me that I like:

Jimi Sells Acres
Racism Jellies
I See Jill Scram
Lame Shrill Owl
Sawmill Or Hell
Will Roams Hell

Find you own!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Crazy Stuff

So - this guy changes his name to "They" - just They. Apparently Andrew Wilson wasn't working for him. Here is some other stuff that was in the article:

"They said he did it for humor to address the common reference to "they."
"'They do this,' or 'They're to blame for that.' Who is this 'they' everyone talks about? 'They' accomplish such great things. Somebody had to take responsibility," he said.
Now, his friends are getting used to his new name.
"They call up and say, 'Is They there?'"
He acknowledged the name could drive grammarians crazy.
"Not only is he making a statement about his name, but he's messing with the entire English language," friend Craig Erickson said. "

And I guess you can be drunk on a horse and not get a DUI:

PITTSBURGH - The state Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania's drunken driving law can't be enforced against people on horseback, a decision that inspired the dissenting justice to wax poetic.

This must have been one ugly ass woman:

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A Malaysian man shot and killed his wife after he mistook her for a monkey picking fruit in a tree behind their house, the New Straits Times said on Wednesday


Ok - this settles it. Church can kill. Now I am really not going back.

ROME (Reuters) - A 67-year-old woman was killed when a three-meter tall metal crucifix fell on her head in a small southern Italian town on Wednesday, police said.

This is just plain funny. Can you imagine how many couples would be in court if the judge had sided with the husband in this case:

MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish man tried to have his wife charged with domestic abuse because she refused to have sex with him on five consecutive days, Spanish newspaper El Sur reported on Friday.

How could she really be a "speaker" of this language if everyone else was dead and she had no one to speak it with?

BEIJING (AFP) - The last native speaker of a 400-year-old language used exclusively by women in China has died, state media reported.


Check out this story! This is messed up!
Wis. boy, 11, is charged in sex assault of neighbor
The Associated Press
September 23, 2004
MILWAUKEE -- An 11-year-old boy was charged yesterday with sexually assaulting a 76-year-old neighborhood woman in her home as three of his friends watched.Police said that for a week before the attack, the boys had been "terrorizing" the woman in her house, repeatedly breaking in and taking cash and other items.The woman, who lives alone, told police she was taking a sponge bath in the kitchen Friday when the 11-year-old walked in, demanded money and ordered her to take off her clothes and go into the bedroom, court papers said. The boy's brother, a 13-year-old who was among the three other boys charged, said he heard the woman say: "I'm just an old, half-crippled lady, I'm not going."The woman said the 11-year-old put on a condom and tried to rape her, followed by a second boy, court papers said.The 11-year-old was charged in juvenile court with sexual assault and being a party to burglary and criminal trespassing. The other boys - ages 11, 12 and 13 - were charged with being a party to burglary and criminal trespassing.Outside court, the mother of the 11-year-old facing the less serious charges said, "I'm very hurt because my son was raised as a good boy." She said police abused the boys to obtain confessions.

Monday, September 20, 2004


I'm anal I guess.

Freudian Inventory Results
Genital (56%) you appear to be stuck between a progressive and regressive outlook on life.
Latency (13%) you appear to have an irrational view on the value of learning.
Phallic (50%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.
Anal (73%) you appear to be overly self controlled, organized, and subservient to authority.
Oral (43%) you appear to have a good balance of independence and interdependence.
Take Free Freudian Inventory Test
personality tests by

Here is more stuff that they wrote after that - just to give more info:

Oral: you appear to have a good balance of independence and interdependence.
Anal: you appear to be overly self controlled, organized, and subservient to authority.
Phallic: you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.
Latency: you appear to have an irrational view on the value of learning.
Genital: you appear to be stuck between a progressive and regressive outlook on life.

Freuds theorized that there are 5 stages of psychological development. At the oral stage the main issue is dependency, at the anal stage the main issue is self control, at the phallic stage the main issue is sexual identity, at the latency stage it's skill development, and at the genital stage its creativity and productivity.

Freud theorized that psychological problems are related to problems during one or more of these stages. For example, being too cared for or too neglected causes someone to be orally fixated, too much or too little control causes someone to be anally fixated, insufficient parental role modeling causes phallic fixation.

An orally fixated person is either irrationally dependent (expects what they want to just appear) or irrationally independent (always refuses help).
An anally fixated person is either irrationally self controlled and servile to authority or has no self control and is compulsively defiant of authority.
A phallicly fixated person is either a sexual compulsive (sexually innappropriate/promiscuous) or sexually repressed.

Freud did not classify any latent fixation but I think it is as plausible as those at the other stages. I speculate that people that like to learn and acquire knowledge without any purpose or people that are compulsively non curious represent both dysfunctional ends of the latency spectrum.
The genital stage is the final Freudian developmental stage and according to Freud people don't all succeed at this. Freud believed the ideal for human happiness is to be happy in love and work, problems in one or the other cause unhappiness.

Like any personality system, Freud's developmental levels are just a theory, so, be speculative about your results.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Life's Questions

Most people want to know the meaning of life -- other people (like Andy) want to know if Hummingbird had feet and whatr scallops looks like when they are alive.

So - here is what I found out:

Most hummingbird's feet and legs are so small that they cannot walk or even hop; hummingbirds mostly use their legs and feet for perching (but the toes and claws are very long, and are used for perching). Hummingbirds are almost helpless on the ground. (Link above to see the article.)

What does a scallop look like? Check out this website:

Apparently, we eat the eye (or adductor muscle).

Now - those life's questions are answered. What next?

A Good Weekend

It’s been a pretty good weekend. It started out with going to Sam’s Club and spending too much money, but it was all stuff we would use (kitty litter, food, & light bulbs). I also got the call I had been waiting for – well, not exactly waiting for – but hoped would happen. On Friday, the person I had to switch positions with at work was canned. Now, I don’t know if this means I can go back if I want to – which is what I will choose if I am given the option. I do like where I am now and things are going well there, but at then end of the day – I miss working with the ladies and I like working with junior high kids. So, we’ll see. But I spent quite a bit of time on the phone about all of that on Friday afternoon/evening. I got one call and then another, and then of course I had to make a call.

Then that evening we went to Kate & Dan’s to hangout. Ate some dinner there (well, it was supposed to be a snack but really turned out to be dinner), drank some wine, and then played the game “Scene-it”. Kate likes playing games, and even though we forgot the game at home, she kept at Andy until he finally gave in and went home to get it. Good thing we only live a couple miles away.
Saturday, we spent the day at an auction. We went to one first that I thought I wanted to buy these chairs at – but they were smaller than they looked in the picture. So, we drove to another one that had some decent stuff there. It was a consignment auction – so there was everything there, even a huge headboard that was lined in red fur, mirrors, and a radio/8-track system installed inside it. Wow! It was tacky. It sold for $18 to a boy who was probably around 15/16 years old.

Then last night we went out to eat at the restaurant called Las Delicasas. They have Guatemalan food there. It was pretty decent, although I needed more flavor and added a bunch of hot sauce.

Today we went to April & Jason’s house (Molly came as well.) They moved in to a new house and it’s beautiful. We had a great dinner (compliments of April & Jason) and good company. We also talked about taking a spring break trip together. The school Molly works at happens to have spring break the same as my school and April & Jason can take vacation when they want from their jobs. This was a very nice way to end the weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


I have not put much on here lately - have I? I read Andy's comment about my working, eating & sleeping but he forgets that I did teach class on Tuesday night and I walk with my class. So, I did get some exercise this week. I should really get out there today and go for a walk since it is B-E-A-utiful out there. Maybe since Mr. Smart-ass has his comments he will like to go for a walk tonight. I think his days have consisted of work, eat, video games, sleep.......really not a whole lot different.

Once the school year starts again it takes a while for me to get in the whole swing of things. After about a month my body is used to being up in the mornings again and I am not so tired in the evening. What do ytou expect after having a whole summer of sleeping in?

Lately at work (school) we have been having soooooooo many meetings. That should slow down very soon.

Hey - today the principal of the school pulled me out of the room when I was leading a group and told me that I was doing a good job and that I really connected with this kid who has made a lot fo really great changes and she attributes that to me. Wow! I really wasn't expecting that. Maybe she is just trying to hook me into staying there and not choosing to go back to my old job once that becomes available again (which may be pretty soon).

I am SO looking forward to the weekend. We don't have any plans for Friday yet, but Saturday I am going to this auction and there is some stuff there I REALLY want (haven't been to one of those in a while) and then Sunday we are having dinner with some friends I went to grad school with. April, Jason, & Kallen just moved into a new house, which will be exciting to see. I've actually had these plans for quite a while.


Check out these stories:

MADISON, Wis. - A fraternity member has been busted for apparently finding a unique way to supplement his college income — fake parking tickets.

How did he not think he would get caught? Dumbass!

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Forty-six Brazilian policemen traveling to a sports competition were caught with their guard down this week when four Brazilian thieves robbed the bus carrying them to the event.

I don't know who is more of a dumbass here - the robbers for robbing a bus full of policemen or 46 policemen for letting themselves be robbed by 4 robbers.

LONDON (Reuters) - Britons chuckled at the man who hiked across the country naked to protest against indecency laws. They laughed with the theater producer who told police he lopped off the head of a statue of Margaret Thatcher because "I think it looks better like that."

And apparently London is full of dumbasses!

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Weekend

So - here's my weekend update -

Friday: came home feeling sick, fell fast asleep on the couch by 8pm, was told to go upstairs to go to bed @ 9:30

Saturday: ran errands, made salsa & canned it (2 gallons worth!), went out to the Muni & sang karokee (sang my usual "Wide Open Spaces", then sang some song by Terry Clark w/ Kate(can't remember the name), and sang "Baby Got Back" and danced crazily to a couple songs that Kate & Cheryl sang together.

Sunday: finished getting stuff ready for my Fantasy Lady Party.....had 12 people here for was a nice turnout.......we got to pass around sex toys & other products....always a fun time.....played a couple of games - Dirty Mad Libs (my idea - remember how much fun those were), Pass "Rex" (the double dong) Around (every time unit is said and win a prize if you are holding it at the end - my mother-in-law won -- some cock rings - teehee!), and a game of Pecker Toss (tossing rings around this plastic penis - no one got a single ring on - and then I tried it and got all 3 on - I'm such a show-off!) I was still feeling sick on Sunday - so I sat in the sauna, read a magazine and then wentg to bed early.

Today - back at the 'ole job and still feeling sick. I thought I might lose my voice a couple times today. It's the standard old cold that I got - with a sore throat, running nose (running out the nose and also back into the throat). Andy makes fun of me when I clear my throat and when I sleep with a cold. He says it sounds painful - and it is a little bit.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Does Your Shit Stink?

Ok - here are some poopy stories for you:

GRAZ, Austria - It was an inelegant intruder on a sunny afternoon: a chunk of ice from a jetliner toilet that broke free and slammed into an Austrian family's garden.

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - A Dutch driver was covered in hundreds of litres of manure when a tank burst on a lorry carrying fertiliser, police say.

BELTON (AP) - The employment status of a firefighter accused of presenting a newspaper filled with feces to an employee of the paper remained unclear yesterday. (This is an old one from March)

It sure is getting deep in here.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Weekend in Review

The synopsis of my weekend is that it was pretty relaxing.

The details of it are:

Friday: (night) Happy Hour Bonding Bitch Fest (bonding together to bitch about someone)

Saturday: (day) nothing, sitting on our asses (night) out w/ neighbors Cindy & John to eat at
Mancini's in the Cities & Grand Ole Creamery for dessert

Sunday: (day) more ass-sitting (night) put together a small puzzle and then we played Scene-it! (a DVD movie trivia game - kinda fun)

Monday: (day) some ass-sitting, then walk to the park together to shoot some hoops (evening) hangout at neighbors' (Mary & Denny) and eat fish Denny caught and drink beer and shoot the shit, and wish that weekends were always 3 days or better yet - 4 days.

Ten Freebies

As you know - sometimes things run out - so if you are going to sign up for thee - do them fast.

Comic Books (from Federal Reserve System - great to teach kids about money)

Leather Coasters

Pen, writing pad, & pill holder (from zoloft)

Disposable Knives

Leather Keychain

Comic Book (from National Sleep Foundation)

Tiffany & Co. Perfume
call 800-843-3269

Subscription to Body & Soul Magazine

Subscription to Best Life Magazine (for men)

Examination Gloves

My Life As A Soap Directory

It understand it has been a little difficult remembering what has happened and I thought I would have a separate blog for that. Than it would be easier to go back and read what happened in the past rather than scrolling back through the different posts here.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

New Fave Blog

As always - click the title.

I frequently check out the blogs of other people, especially if someone I don't know commented on my blog.

So, this is the blog of someone who recently commented.

You just gotta love the cat picks. They crack me up!

She had this on her site (a link to this quiz) - thought my cat loving family & friends would get a kick out of it.

Take the quiz: What kind of cat are you?"

Curious Kitten
You like to try new things and learn about new things. You are fun and original.

Aaaah! Hell no!

"OSLO, Norway - Renathe Opedal was hopelessly stuck in traffic during rush hour when an overeager attendant slapped her a $73 parking ticket.

Opedal, 32, couldn't believe it, took the case to court and won. "

Some people are just so stupid. I can think of a lot of people. The most recent is someone saying that they were documenting meetings that required that (especially for payment) and not doing it for over 3 months! (We are talking potetial legal troubles and fines here!) Glad that's not me!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Public Display of Affection

Does America have this much trouble with PDA?

"BANGKOK, Thailand - Bangkok transport officials posted notices on some of the city's buses Wednesday urging young passengers not to have sex while riding in the vehicles." (Yes, another story from Bangkok - gotta love that city's name.)

"BERLIN (Reuters) - A man caught having sex with a blow-up doll in a busy public shopping arcade had to be physically parted from his rubber lover and escorted away, said police in Stuttgart Wednesday. "

Yes - another Berlin one. That's 2 Berlin stories & 2 Bangkok stories today.

"BERLIN (Reuters) - A pair of young lovers so annoyed their neighbors with a noisy sex session that police had to go and ask them to lower the volume, police said on Tuesday. "

I guess we won't have the problems with PDA - since gentials here are getting bit off........

"ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A man whose genitals were bitten off by a pit bull remained in serious condition Tuesday, and the dog remained on the loose. "

Apparently the dude was naked - what the hell was he doing naked in the park anyways?

Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone

"BANGKOK, Thailand - It was almost like breaking open a piggy bank. Doctors performing emergency surgery on a man who was rushed to hospital writhing in pain were stunned when more than 4.2 pounds of loose change spilled out of his stomach. "

Now if this was me - I could pay some bills to ease financial woes and also lose some weight at the same time.