Thursday, September 16, 2004


I have not put much on here lately - have I? I read Andy's comment about my working, eating & sleeping but he forgets that I did teach class on Tuesday night and I walk with my class. So, I did get some exercise this week. I should really get out there today and go for a walk since it is B-E-A-utiful out there. Maybe since Mr. Smart-ass has his comments he will like to go for a walk tonight. I think his days have consisted of work, eat, video games, sleep.......really not a whole lot different.

Once the school year starts again it takes a while for me to get in the whole swing of things. After about a month my body is used to being up in the mornings again and I am not so tired in the evening. What do ytou expect after having a whole summer of sleeping in?

Lately at work (school) we have been having soooooooo many meetings. That should slow down very soon.

Hey - today the principal of the school pulled me out of the room when I was leading a group and told me that I was doing a good job and that I really connected with this kid who has made a lot fo really great changes and she attributes that to me. Wow! I really wasn't expecting that. Maybe she is just trying to hook me into staying there and not choosing to go back to my old job once that becomes available again (which may be pretty soon).

I am SO looking forward to the weekend. We don't have any plans for Friday yet, but Saturday I am going to this auction and there is some stuff there I REALLY want (haven't been to one of those in a while) and then Sunday we are having dinner with some friends I went to grad school with. April, Jason, & Kallen just moved into a new house, which will be exciting to see. I've actually had these plans for quite a while.

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