Thursday, September 30, 2004

No Shit Sherlock!

Here's the article (my comments are below):

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- This is some pretty weird news: Only two percent of the world's women consider themselves beautiful.
That's the ugly truth of a new survey by Dove soap which asked ladies around the globe what they thought of their looks.
Only two percent of women describe themselves as beautiful, including three percent of American ladies and six percent of Brazilian babes.
By comparison, not one Japanese woman surveyed considers herself "beautiful" while 43 percent use the term "natural," and 26 percent say they have "average" looks.
Other stunning stats from the pretty poll include....
-- Nine percent of women arond the globe -- including 20 percent of British women -- claim they are "attractive."
-- Eight percent prefer the term "feminine"; seven percent say they are "good looking"; and seven percent will call themselves "cute."
-- Finally, only two percent of women describe themselves as "sexy."

Isn't it to Dove's advantage for women to not find themselves beautiful. The uglier and fatter a woman thinks she is, the more money that is to be made by companies. So, if you go to the dove website ( ) they have 4 different product categories that include deodorant, bodywash/bar, face care, and hair care. If people thought their natural scent was acceptable, there would be no need for products. I don't even think that Dove sells an unscented product. I would not have gone to buy hair dye (roots getting a little dark - going for golden blond this time around) today if I thought I was beautiful w/o any products. I would not put on some eyeliner & mascara (actually - I do that to look a little older. I worry a little bit that other staff and parents will think that I, too, am a high school student - but I generally don't wear much makeup on weekends, if any.) But the smell thing - I hate smelly people and don't want to be smelly myself. So, I, of course, help contribute to the revenue of companies selling perfumes, lotions, and bubble bath concoxtions. If woman continue to think they are fat & ugly they will spend more & more money trying to make themselves feel thin and pretty.

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wontonfoey said...

I'm beautiful, and I know it! Although if "natural" was there and it said "pick one", I'd pick natural over it. I think that "natural" implys more about who I am (ie-ecofriendly).