Monday, September 06, 2004

Weekend in Review

The synopsis of my weekend is that it was pretty relaxing.

The details of it are:

Friday: (night) Happy Hour Bonding Bitch Fest (bonding together to bitch about someone)

Saturday: (day) nothing, sitting on our asses (night) out w/ neighbors Cindy & John to eat at
Mancini's in the Cities & Grand Ole Creamery for dessert

Sunday: (day) more ass-sitting (night) put together a small puzzle and then we played Scene-it! (a DVD movie trivia game - kinda fun)

Monday: (day) some ass-sitting, then walk to the park together to shoot some hoops (evening) hangout at neighbors' (Mary & Denny) and eat fish Denny caught and drink beer and shoot the shit, and wish that weekends were always 3 days or better yet - 4 days.

1 comment:

Meow said...

I guess there was a lot more sitting on the arses than you'd think. I sat on mine all weekend, except to meet friends to go some where and eat. Home. Sitting on ass,
bar.....sitting on ass. Next day same.
Accomplished nothing, no cleaning, no laundry (stuck doing it now at 7PM Wednesday. So I can watch Joey while ironing tomorrow. LOL)
I love Chicago. You go out eat a big meal and all you want to do is sit ON YOUR ASS!
I have to stop, or I'll be having a roto rooter like Bill.