Monday, September 27, 2004

Not Long Enough

The weekend is just not long enough in my opinion. I really think that Friday should be a weekend day as well and only work 4 days a week.

Friday night we had a beer bash to raise money for the sponsorship for our volleyball team. This year I am playing for a different team. We are sponsored by the bar called After Midnight. It was an ok time. Some dumbass drunk fool decided that it would be a good idea to stumble into me and kiss my neck. What the fuck! Get the hell off of me. I chewed him a new asshole.

Saturday was pretty relaxing. I went to the Farmer's Market and then ran some other errands, then did a little yardwork, did a little shopping at the outlet mall, then we went up to the Cities so that Andy could check out the truck that was lifted so high that I was not sure I would ever get in or out (he decided against it) and then ate some food at Tacoville (huge burritos, but rather bland - guess I am spolied by having authentic Mexican food in our area) and then came home and watched some movies ("50 First Dates" and "Bad Santa"). I finished reading another book "Welcome to My Country". It's these memoirs of a therapist that worked with schizophrenia & borderline patients. Interesting read. Just started reading "The Botox Diaries" now.

Sunday came and brought 3 1/2 hours at an auction. Didn't buy too much there, most of it was junk, but was going cheap so I stayed. Andy was home watching football, so there was nothing much else to do. I got a little sun burned on my neck and face - that will keep me from becoming pastey too early this winter. Went for a walk with Andy and then relaxed. A pretty low-key weekend, but still not long enough.


Alison said...

I'd rather the three day weekend be Saturday-Monday. Or have a four day weekend and three day work week. Friday-Monday. Oh, that would be nice. I'd get so much done.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Yes, 4 days would be better. Or even better - let's not even work - but then no one would work and we would have nothing. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.-

Cattiva said...

Low key? Damn Hon...sounds like you ran a marathon!

Jason Mulgrew said...

i had mozzarella sticks for breakfast.

jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

Alison said...

I had nachos.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Anyone who calls himself a celebrity is, in fact, not a celebrity.

Funny blog, though.