Thursday, December 30, 2004

Excuses Not to go into Work Today

Funny. My faves are:

My wife makes more money than I do, so I have to stay home with our sick son.

When I got up this morning I took two Ex-Lax in addition to my Prozac. I can't get off the john, but I feel good about it.

Cosmopolitan Recipe

Anyone who has watched "Sex In the City" has to have wanted to try a cosmopolitan. I first had one a few months ago and if that in itself didn't just knock me on my ass. Holy shit! Tasty, but powerful and EXPENSIVE!

I had another one in the Cities and wow - even more expensive (although it didn't taste much different).

And then on Monday night I was hanging out with Jessi and she was house-sitting for some friends of hers and they have nothing but the best in the liqour cabinet for them. So, we helped ourselves and made a couple of cosmopolitans, using Cointreau. Here is the recipe they have:
1 oz. Cointreau®
2 oz. vodka
Juice of 1/2 lime
Splash of cranberry juice
So - 3 shots. I went to buy this stuff last night and the price of it about knocked me on the floor. I like to have nice drinks, but I am not sure I really want to spend about $40 for a bottle.

So, I asked for a substitute and they suggested Triple Sec (@ $10/bottle). Of course there is nothing in between those prices. So, I bought it along with my cranberry juice and sweetened lime juice. I decided I would like to try it with Absolut Vanilla instead of regular 'ole vodka. And I made it by the recipe I made the other night and then decided to look up a recipe for it online and here is what I found:
1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz Rose's Lime Juice
1/2 oz Cranberry Juice
Basically here it is just 1.5 shots and a lot of juice. I haven't tried it that way, but I do like the Absolut Vanilla in there.

Also, last night Kate & I went out to the Muni (our city-owned municipal bar and only bar in our little town) to have a few drinks and Absolut was $2. Yup! That's it, just $2 for Absolut with anytype of mix-in. At the Muni they use the Skyy Cosmopolitan mix. It's pretty tasty, although very sweet and more like a drink than a martini. For anyone that does not like martinis, they should get the mix. The ones made with the mix don't kick your ass like the real thing, but why should they - they probably only have 1-1.5 shots in them.

I just got a martini set (2 glasses, a tray, a martini pitcher & stirrer), so I will be trying some new recipes. Anyone have a favorite martini recipe they suggest?

In My Pajamas

So, it's now after noon and I am sitting at home in my pajamas. It's great to have the week off from work. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Cities and did some shopping. I didn't care much for all the traffic. The mall was packed -- apparently every high school student is at the mall since there is no school. The lines at JC Penney were forever long as well, mainly with returns.

I didn't stay at the mall too long. I went to check out bras at Victoria's, and it's interesting that the bras in the store around around $35-$40 a piece.

Then I went to Linens'n'Things to use the gift card we got this summer as a wedding gift (almost 3 years late, but I guess better late than never). I bought us a feather bed and 2 new feather pillows. We put the feather bed on the bed last night and it is so nice. Andy says it is like sleeping in a nest because it just surrounds you. It does keep you nice & warm; I like it.

After I went to Valley Natural Foods and did some grocery shopping. I liked the pace there much more. It was slower. I also liked that they had a lot of stuff to sample. Yummy.

And today, well, I will probably get out of my pajamas before Andy comes home from work and I did the dishes, but I can't promise much more than that will be accomplished.


Funny stuff.

These are pretty hard. I figured out a few before I saw the real face.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence
You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel.You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

No shit sherlock! Guess I went into the right line of work.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Breasts & Bras

Timber! They are continuing to droop......bah! I'm under 30 and I don't have perky little breasts, although I have NEVER had perky "little" breasts. My bra size is 36D and has been for as long as I can remember, and there isn't that much perky involved in a D-cup. With a D-cup you need as much support to hold those babies up as possible.

Andy told me the other day that I don't really show them off that much and I thought about that and tried to look through my clothes and find something low-cut, but in MN I am inclined to have the neckline go up. The next issue is that even if I had some nice low-cut tops I don't really have the bras to work with them. I buy pretty bras from Victoria's Secret, but I typically buy full coverage because there is nothing worse then feeling like you could just pop out of your (demi) bra. I have one bra that is a push-up one from Victoria's Secret. It's black, lacey, has enough coverage, and frankly - my breasts look awesome in that bra. It’s the Stretch Lace Classic Miracle Bra. Even though I already have a D-cup, some might wonder why the pushup. The pushup provides more support - there is more fabric and structure surrounding your breasts.

When you get to be a D-cup (and it might happen at a C-cup, but I can't imagine a B or A-cup having these same issues) you no longer can buy cute little wireless numbers. The wire in those bra cups helps provide much needed support, as well as prevents your breasts from heading further south as the bra travels north, leaving you with nothing other than bunches of fabric resting on tops of your breasts. If you don't have underwire, you MUST have a lot of elastic holding those babies in. After years of sports bras that start to sag quickly and just never hold your breasts in tight enough as you run (& cause your breasts to ache from bouncing too much and your hands to gravitate towards your breasts in order to hold them up and keep them from bouncing), I have finally (last year) found a bra that does the job. It is the Champion Jogbra Action-Shape Sports Bra.

The great thing about this bra is that there are 3 sets of 3 eye-hook closures, so there is no pulling it over your head and stretching it out, plus you make it the size you need around your ribcage, plus you can change the straps in length (pretty strong Velcro for this), and notice that the size only come in C, D or DD. This is a bra for larger breasts. I have 2 of these bras (in the periwinkle, actually) and I have had them for over a year. I used to use up a sports bra in about 6 months (and that is stretching it - literally.)

Ok - so back to the topic of support. I went shopping at Vanity yesterday and was trying to find a top to go with a skirt to wear to Andy's work holiday party. I though the look of layering different camisoles was very sexy looking and was going to buy something along that lines. But as I tried stuff on I realized that 1) Things lay differently on a human body - more specifically, each human body - than they do on the mannequin, so some things just don't look as nice once you get them onto a real-life curvy body and 2) You need perky little breasts to really pull off the look or you NEED to wear a bra. So, the cute little tops I bought that are sheer in the back are just not going to work for me, as I need to wear a bra and I just can't get into having the back of my bra be visible (that was one thing that Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie would wear in Sex in the City that I just didn't like.)

I bought several different tops and am still not sure which one (or more likely - ones) that I will wear. I also ordered a couple of bras from Fredrick's of Hollywood and just received an email confirmation that they have shipped. Both are push-up bras. I have never bought a bra from them before and thought I would try them out - anyone buy their bras before? They are a little cheaper than Victoria's Secret. So, I guess we'll see. And maybe if they workout nice I'll buy one of their cute little outfits from them - maybe a nurse outfit. :)

Both Frederick’s & Victoria’s are having bra & panty sales, so it’s a good time to replace those old bras.

So, what I want is some kind of very supportive push-up shelf bra. I see those things that you are supposed just stick to your breasts and it holds them up. I bought some papery/disposable ones once they just sucked! My breasts were too large and the papery thing held up on the bottom, but I spilled over on the top. And I see they have ones that are made out of a silicone of some sort, although I have never tried those. Andy tells me he likes me best WITHOUT any bra at all (and without any top at all), but for most of my life I will be wearing a top (unless of course we decide to move to a nudist colony) and I want to a complimentary, sexy, supportive bra and I don't want to spend a small fortune on it either. So, we'll see how these new bras work and I'll let you know.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Costa Rica Links

I've been doing some looking around and thought I would post some helpful links:

Photo Website to a couple that recently went there:

Forum about Costa Rica:

Website of someone living in Costa Rica:

Info about Costa Rica (incluing info about moving there):

UPDATED!!!! I had a wrong link in here and now they are hyperlinked.

Comedian or not?

Take the quiz. Guess I could be a comedian, although I don't think that is path that is right for me. It's fine for some, I'll just support them by paying the cover charge to see their acts.

I was looking up this guy, as someone (Jeff Gerbino) from their comedy gallery is coming to our area at the end of January and I thought it might be interesting.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Thursday, December 23, 2004

50 Top Foods to Eat B4 You Die

1. Fresh fish DONE
2. Lobster DONE
3. Steak DONE
4. Thai food
5. Chinese food DONE
6. Ice cream DONE
7. Pizza DONE
8. Crab DONE
9. Curry DONE
10. Prawns
11. Moreton Bay Bugs
12. Clam chowder DONE
13. Barbecues DONE
14. Pancakes DONE
15. Pasta DONE
16. Mussels DONE
17. Cheesecake DONE
18. Lamb DONE
19. Cream tea DONE
20. Alligator DONE
21. Oysters DONE
22. Kangaroo
23. Chocolate DONE
24. Sandwiches DONE
25. Greek food DONE
26. Burgers DONE
27. Mexican food DONE
28. Squid DONE
29. American diner breakfast DONE
30. Salmon DONE
31. Venison DONE
32. Guinea pig
33. Shark
34. Sushi DONE
35. Paella DONE
36. Barramundi
37. Reindeer
38. Kebab DONE
39. Scallops DONE
40. Australian meat pie
41. Mango DONE
42. Durian fruit
43. Octopus DONE
44. Ribs DONE
45. Roast beef DONE
46. Tapas
47. Jerk chicken/pork DONE
48. Haggis
49. Caviar DONE
50. Cornish pasty

So, it loosk like I still have some eating to do.

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All the Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care

Andy & I opened a couple gifts early (we are opening the rest this afternoon). He got me Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 with a headset. Man - that has been fun. I sang my little heart out Tuesday night until Andy told me I had to come to bed at nearly 11:30. Then after work yesterday I came home I had to sing some more. I think I need to hold off for at least today, as my throat is a little hoarse. But I have to say that I do pretty well. I think I want to get the other 2 volumes & another headset so that I can whip this out at a party. Singing can be so much fun.

This afternoon we open the rest of our presents to each other before we head out to the in-laws for Christmas. So, tonight the festivities are at their place. Today at work/school (where I am now), we are watching National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation and having snack (for each of our periods - we have a 4-period day). I don't think I will need to watch that movie again for another year.

Tomorrow, we have to get up early to drive the 5.5 hours to my family. Good thing my youngest sister called the other day to ask about presents for my mom, as the xmas schedule was changed and we didn't know. Originally, we were planning on being there between 5-6pm for festivities in the evening, but we recently decided to be there at 2pm so we are there for kick-off (Packer/Viking Game). Although, I hear everyone else will be there earlier and be celebrating (& almost done by the time we get there). But with almost a 6 hour drive we aren't going to get up any earlier after a late night. We're not exactly thrilled about driving in below zero weather, but I guess that is what Christmas in the Midwest is about.

But I guess I haven't much to complain about, as a friend of mine who is one of 11 found out that all her sibs are getting together on Christmas and didn't even invite 2 of them (she being one of them). When she talked to one of her sister's about this her sister invited her to come over @ 4pm (turns out the festivities start at noon.) Bah Humbug!

And there is no school next week - woohoo! More time for me to stay home and sing.


Yesterday, I had my one week follow-up on my eyes. Both eyes are seeing 20/20 and are healing very well. My eyes feel very good to me and My vision is very clear. I even notice that my night vision is getting better too. I am glad I did the surgery, even if I was a wimp that night of the surgery. We'll see if I am the same way after I have kids, although I am sure after the pain of childbirth goes away the kids will still challenge my sanity.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Ripley's Games

Go to their main website and then click on either dial-up or broadband, depending upon which you have. Then click on games. I am having fun with them. They are challenging. I can't get the IQ one, I got down to 2 balls, but that is not good enough, Bah!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Top 100 Toys

These are the ones that I had: 1 (yes, with the banana seat), 8 (Yes, I am still mad at Al for throwing them all over my room & killing them), 13 (not sure that I had this, but I played with Steph's), 23 (I think this was Steph's, maybe Al's - but we had one & I got to play with it), 47 (actually got this as an adult), 62 (this was so much fun - remember playing this Steph), 69 (Ironic that Twister is # 69, but got this as an adult too), 71 (this was a gift from Santa to the whole family), 75 (had some Strawberry Shortcake stuff, but never enough for the whole village, so I had to settle with just smelling her hair), 79 (so much fun, I wonder if they ever made porn slides foe adults), 80 (I believe it was Steph who had this one too), 86 (another one bought as adult), 87 (another one I think we got from Santa for the family), 93 (not sure who had this in our family, I think it was Al). And that's it. I don't think Miranda had any of these, although I think the ones I actually had I bought myself as a kid or an adult.

New Words to a Timeless Classic

Check out the "12 Days of Christmas - Teenager Style". It's on a blog I like to read. Just click on the title above.

Almost Christmas

Friday started out with the 5:05 Club (the Happy Hour Club that meets once a month for the company I work for). I like to go to these because I am only at the clinic a couple times a month since I am based out of the school -- plus I like to have drinks. This month it was at this guy's house who is married to a Doctor, so of course they have a beautiful new house with beautiful furniture. It was a wine tasting theme and they had enough crystal wine glasses for all of us (which was almost 20.) That's gonna be a hard act to follow (& it's at my house in January.)

Andy went to a Timberwolves game with his friend Raoul and ended up drinking way too much and having to get a hotel room for the 2 of them rather than trying to make the hour trek back home (which may have resulted in him dying or getting a DWI.) So, needless to say the next day when we went out to Buca's with some friends, he was not very interested in having any wine with our abundance of Italian food.

After Buca's, I went with our friends to see "Flight of the Phoenix". That was a pretty intense movie. I recommend it.

Today, it was colder than a witch's tit, but I decided to go out anyways. I wanted to go to JC Penney to use this $10 coupon they sent and of course I found something for myself and would only end up paying $5 after the coupon, but then I spotted something else for Andy and bought it. I HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM STORES WHEN I AM DONE WITH MY XMAS SHOPPING. If I go shopping, I always end up buying more than I wanted to. It happens when I go grocery shopping too. I went to the grocery store today also to pick up 3 things, but walked out with my 3 items plus a canteloupe, a pineapple, cream of mushroom soup & some eggnog.

BTW - then I was out the bank thermometer said it was 2 degrees out. Where the hell is the damn snow if it is going to be this cold.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Buying Bridesmaid Dresses Online?

Anyone out there have any experience buying bridesmaid dresses from an online company as a opposed to a brick and mortar bridal shop?

My youngest sister is getting married this summer and we found some dresses at a bridal shop and also found some online. The thing is -- the ones online are much cheaper, and who wants to spend a lot of money on something you will only wear once and will have beer stains on it by the end of the night anyways.

These look like the 3 dresses (online) that we are narrowed it down to: (probably w/o the flower)

So - a few questions:
1) Which dress would you choose?
2) Have you had any experience buying bridesmaid dresses online?
3) If so, what were the dresses like? Were they nice or did they feel like they would call apart? Was the sizing accurate?
4) Do you have any expeience with any of the places we are looking at?
5) Any ideas where we can find if these places are reputable and others' experiences?


Friday, December 17, 2004


I wanted to reply to the comments, but for some reason the school identifies that as a "Chat Room".

I had my one-day follow-up yesterday a little while after my post and when my doctor examined my eyes she said they are healing nicely and couldn't even see the flap edges on my R eye until she turned her magnifying power to finally see it.

But my eyesight in my L eye is 20/20 right now and the R eye is 20/30. I guess usually the eyesight is more around the 20/30 or 20/40 the first day. So, they said I am doing really well.

My eyes have not been drying out (which I guess happens often). I am seeing great. I love waking up and seeing EVERYTHING.

The weird thing is not doing through my nightly rituals - you know - taking out the contacts, putting the glasses on to read and then taking them off again.

But I am very glad that I had it done. I only had pain that first day and none since then. So, I am VERY GLAD that I had it done.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Boozing Rules

There are 86 of them. Here are some of my faves:

If you offer to buy a woman a drink and she accepts, she still might not like you.

Drink one girly drink in public and you will forever be known as the guy who drinks girly drinks.

After your sixth drink, do not look at yourself in the mirror. It will shake your confidence.

If you bring Old Milwaukee to a party, you must drink at least two cans before you start drinking the imported beer in the fridge.

For every drink, there is a five percent better chance you will get in a fight. There is also a three percent better chance you will lose the fight.

I'm Not Going to Lie

I had my Lasik done yesterday and I'm not going to lie -- some things hurt. They informed me of some of the things people find uncomfortable so they don't scare me. The drops sting a tiny but, but it wasn't a big deal. The thing I really didn't like was the pressure thing. The right eye (1st one) was uncomfotable, but the left one just downright hurt. I almost thought my eye was going to be sucked out. The actual cutting and laser on my eye didn't hurt at all. When it was all done I could see - but not very clearly and felt kinda crappy. The most painful part (by far) was after. It was sunny out and even with eye patches and dark sunglasses the light was just too bright.

And you know how your eyes water (tears really) when light is too bright, well, that is what happened. And tears are basically salty water, so nothing like putting salt in your wounds. Shit! That burned, stung, hurt, you name it. And they just would not stop watering. When we got home I could not fall asleep (even with having taken the Valium) and even though I was in a dark room (except for the tv on - which I was not looking at, just listening too) my eyes kept watering. Eventually they stopped watering so much and returned calls to a couple friends that left messages to check on me, and then went to bed @ 9pm (should have really gone to bed earlier) and woke up at 7am.

It was so nice to be able to see the alarm clock. I went to work (am here now) and had to turn on only 1 sets of lights in the classroom as both sets are too bright. Have had a slight headache all day, but nothing major. I put in my drops and take my Aleve and all seems well. In about 20 minutes I have my 1 days follow-up Appt. to go to.

I told Andy I am not sure we should have children as I am too much of a wimp to go through the child birth - considering my whole time in the surgery room was 15 minutes and I was bitching about the tears in my eyes. I am not sure I can handle hours of pain paired with being cut and all the other stuff that goes along with having a baby.

I had also considered getting braces and had a consultation on that once and they told me they would have to remove a tooth or 2 to make room for the teeth to move. I am re-thinking that now. I gotta imagine removing a tooth is much more painful (although I have had all 4 wisdom teeth removed) than Lasik. To be honest, I think I have just turned into a wimp. Maybe I should look into vaneers. I don't know anything more about them - just what I see when I have watched "The Swan". But I want pretty teeth - I just don't want to have any taken away from me. I just don't like pain - plain & simple.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pesky Zipper

So, I am searching the internet to find ways to work with my zipper on my nice big winter coat. I didn't exactly know what to look for and ended up finding some other interesting & helpful links in the process.

Earth Safe Household Tricks:

Not sure if this is what I need:

Not what I was looking for, but could be helpful to someone else:

I think this is what I need to do :

See, when I zip up my coat, some of the teeth are not grabbing together and then the zipper splits apart, and that is the last thing you want to happen when it is freaking cold out. Anyone have any hints or tips of their own to try?

Movin' On Up

One of the people I work with in the classroom is a coach for wrestling and said that they are ranked #9 nationally this year (so far this season).

Check out the NHSCA rankings in the link. These are the national rankings from 2003 and Owatonna was listed #19.

Too Much Time on His Hands

Check these out:

They are pretty neat though.

Create Your Own Religion

It's basically Mad Libs -- here is mine:

From the most happy regions of the spiritual plane, I have channeled the disembodied spirit of Grandma Hessil, bringing to you the wisdom and bamboo of the lost city of Philadelphia. To usher in the New Age of smiles you must heed my words and write lovely. The time is soon when the space cars of our galactic cousins will return and our collective redness will reach critical mass. The highest frequencies of the universe will spiral through the toe chakras of the worthy, and our 3rd navel shall be opened. But first we must look deep inside and accept our inner peace. We must feel the inner peace, become the inner peace, shake it as though it was a black-eyed peas. We must accept our karmic past, and, as our yogi master, Samantha, always says 'The true form of a music is actually a green color , but enlightenment is like a peaceful river on the wind'. For there is no right or wrong, no wind or anti-wind, only one great and omnipresent water.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Weekend of Eating Out

Started out Friday afternoon with my work Xmas Party. I was on the committee, but most everything has to be the same year after year per the boss, but we get to pick out the food, buy the gift certificates, set things up & take them down, and plan out the game (I was really trying to have NO games, but the boss-man said we had to have one.) It was during the workday (3-5)so no alcohol. I really work in the school (my office is there) but am there on contract, so my employer is really an outside agency. So, the drinks came after. Then more drinks after that - Andy & my friend Kate & I went to the Muni (our little town's municipal bar) and had drinks & a pizza. Then we went to her house & watched "Dodgeball" - that movie is just so funny.

Yesterday I went & tried out for a part in the Community Theater (tryouts were yesterday & today). They actually had me read for 3 parts in "The Diary of Anne Frank", so we'll see how everything goes. I should hear if I get a part in the next couple of days. Then went grocery shopping, then out to eat at this place called Lord Essex's Tavern, then shopping at the mall, and then home and did some yoga.

Today I did my walking & jogging workout then we met some friends @ Benihana's. Damn that food is so good. I had the Seafood Diablo. Very yummy and there is leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. We go there once a year with a couple of my friends from grad school. While in grad school we would go after every semester to celebrate that we finished another semester, but now that we own houses and are starting families, it's just too expensive to be going there that often, plus we have homes that we like to host dinner parties in.

I guess that's it. Just a lot of eating & drinking.

Interesting Balloon Video

Follow the link.

Surveys about Religion

Here's one that is just basically a poll and after you fill in your answers you can see how you compare to others:

Here's a survey being conducted by a school that is doing a study - what a nice way to help them out by getting more people to answer their questions on religion & music.

This is closer to what I was looking for:
My score on this one was:
50 - 59
Spiritual Straddler – One foot in traditional religion, one foot in free-form spirituality. They have a bunch of other quizzes here too:

My Vatsu:
I am a Kapha.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

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Cellulite *I Mean Charlotte* Church Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

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Froggy Penis?

So - I saw this link from another site. They posted it 'cuz it's a ring tone you can download for your cell phone. But what the hell kind of crazy-ass frog is that? And is that a little froggy penis there?

Learn to Swear in Every Language

So, in case I ever move to Costa Rica - I can learn how to swear in Costa Rican (which they speak Spanish, but we all know that each Spanish speaking country has their own words for many different things.)

White Trash Christmas

Funny Stuff. Can take a little while to load.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Xmas letter is written. Cards filled out. Envelopes addressed and mostly stamped. It always seems I have more cards to send than stamps. Oh well, I got some sent out and will have to get to the PO to get more (another thing to procrastinate.)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Virtual Drumset

Something to pass the time. Is amusing.

What Social Status Are You?

I have scored the result of Upper Middle Class. No big surprise there.

You scored as Upper middle Class. Your determination have soared you this high, yet not high enough to enjoy the luxuries of the upper class. Your most valued posession is your country club membership which is kept framed in the office.

Upper middle Class


Luxurious Upper Class


Middle Class


Lower Class




What Social Status are you?
created with

I'm Tired.

Wow! I have accomplished A LOT this weekend and I am tired, but no rest for the weary yet because I still need to make supper and workout on the treadmill.

Friday after work I came home and took a nap until Andy was home from work. Then we went out to eat at Pizza Hut. I can't even remember the last time we went out to eat for pizza. It's not we get it delivered either because our town is small and the nearest town doesn't have places that will deliver to us. Usually we just pick up something from Papa Murphy's and bake it at home or make a good 'ole frozen pizza if we are in the mood for a pizza. After the pizza we went to the movies and saw "The Incredibles". I heard good reviews of it and whenever that happens the movie never lives up to my expectations. My biggest complaint about the movie is that they make it look like you can bounce back from getting old and fat easily & quickly enough and still save the day. There is going to be a whole generation of kids that think they can get all chubby as they get older and do a few sit-ups and you are back to your high school weight. Bah.

Saturday I got up early and went with some friends to this "Mini-Spa Day" at the YMCA. It started out with Yoga (which was a let down because it was an aerobics yoga - basically aerobics using yoga poses. It was not at all like anything I had ever done and I have been doing yoga for several years. A couple of the people that we went with had never done yoga and we had to convince them that was not yoga.) After the yoga was some Qi Gong, which was nice and relaxed and enjoyable. Next was a smoothie break (Caribbean Blend was the flavor - these were yummy.) After that an Aveda spa was there giving chair massages and hand massages (you got to pick one) and then you could go use the pool area (sauna, pool, whirlpool). So, I got a chair massage (they were short, but nice) and then went into the whirlpool & pool. After that was a light lunch of wraps, veggies & dip, apples, & bottled water. It was a nice lunch. Finally there was a little workshop/class on becoming stress-free for the holidays. I couldn't get into it because the same person doing this was the aerobics instructor who did the crazy-ass paced yoga. She spoke so quickly that it just made your brain spin, and when she did her guided imagery she slowed down a little bit - but was pacing around the room rather quickly and you could here this and it was pissing me off. Anyways - her 1 hour class was finished in about 40 minutes - cutting off 1/3 of the time.

That night Andy & I went to this coffee shop called Javalive in a nearby town. It's a neat place. It's pretty big and they have a large assortment of mismatched couches, occasional chairs, coffee tables & end tables, and dining tables & chairs by the stage. The entertainment Saturday night was the local brass quartet. They were performing their Xmas concert. It was nice (& I had a HUGE hot cocoa while I listened & read my magazine.)

I was up by 8AM today (which is early when I don't HAVE to get up for anything). I spent the day making shortbread cookies, gingerbread men, & fudge. I also made a crap load of homemade gifts for friends & my volleyball team. I figure I spent about 6 hours making gifts and now I am exhausted.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Just Call Me Ellen!

Ellen Who? Why - Ellen DeGeneres. Not because I am not a lesbian or a talk-show host or even consider myself all that funny. But have you seen the commercials where she "dances to the beat of a different drum" -- you know those ads that she is dancing around and the music keeps changing and you really think that maybe it is an ad for an iPod, but it turns out it is American Express, and then you think what the hell does Ellen dancing around have to do with American Express.

So, you are wondering why I am asking you to call me Ellen - well, it is because I am a dancing fool. Andy & I just finished about 32 minutes of DDR2 and I basically sucked at it. (DDR2 is Dance Dance Revolution 2, it's a game/workout game using a pad you step on that is through the PS2.) I didn't trip of anything; I'm just not very good at hitting the arrows (steps) when I am supposed to. I think I just dance to the beat of a different drum (hence, Ellen.) Andy was a dancing pro. It is amazing how well he does on it. I think the years of marching band really paid off for him.

My time served having to march in band was served in the middle of the row so that I was not really seen. I didn't care much for keeping in step; I cared more about not stepping in the horse shit from the float that was before us. I wasn't exactly all that talented in my musical instrument playing either. I was in band because my friends were, I enjoyed pep band, and frankly just enjoyed music, as well as being a kid liked the positive attention I got from my grandfather who played the same instrument. Remember those days when you were young and tried hard to impress your parents & grandparents, but then we grew into the teenagers that tried hard to pretend we didn't want to impress them anymore and just wanted them to leave us alone, and then into the college students who were so far away and didn't want to be alone, and then into the adults that turned out (even though we swore as teenagers) to be just like those parents.

I am not sure that I feel confident in saying that I did anything in high school because I was "talented" in it. I did things either because I found them fun or I wanted to be social or a combination of the two. Any talents I had or had developed kind of fell second to being social. I was pretty involved in high school. It was a small high school and it was hard not to be in many different things and for me, it was hard not to be involved in everything because it all presented an opportunity to be social (band, cheerleading, FHA, volleyball, Speech, EVERYTHING!).

Back to the out of step thing. I got to say that I hate when people REALLY want you to do some line dancing at a wedding or whatever. My body just wants to move when & where it wants and it doesn't always exactly coincide with the rest of the coordinated dancers. I love to dance, but I could never be one of those back-up dancers, well, maybe for Rod Stewart. His backup dancers just move from side to side. Their dancing ability is not exactly what is on show, it the long perfect legs, long blond hair, and large hooters. So, maybe I can't be a backup dancer for him as well. I guess it is jus as well that I went into a profession where I sit on my ass listening to people.

Now, back to Ellen. I found this quote of hers, "Friends will write me letters. They run out of room on the front of the letter. They write 'over' on the bottom of the letter. Like I'm that much of a moron. Like I need that there. Because if it wasn't there, I'd get to the bottom of the page: 'And so Kathy and I went shopping and we--' That's the craziest thing! I don't know why she would just end it that way." I think it is funny, because I remember as a teenager writing my friends (probably even as a college student) and putting over with the little arrow at the bottom of the letter. Was I passively trying to insult their intelligence? You know, I am really not so sure that I don't still do that today, although with the blessing (usually!) of the internet I very rarely have to whip out the 'ole quill and ink.

Crank up the tunes!

Condom Size

The average penis size:

"The study found the average erect penis size was 14.7 cm (5-3/4 inches), with 40 percent of participants reporting lengths between 12 and 15 cm (4-3/4 and 5-7/8 inches)."

Now - the average condom size:

"When compared with the condoms normally used by the participants, the results showed only 18 percent wore the right size, with nearly half squeezing into condoms that were too small and 34 percent trying to use those that were too big. "

So - from the sounds of it, too many guys were buying "Magnum" when then needed regualr, or even worse, they were buying regular when they needed something smaller. Yikes!

Hope for Molly

I am not sure if she could actually do this. As I type this she is on the floor rolling on her ball. For some reason she enjoys rolling all over her toys.

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