Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Create Your Own Religion

It's basically Mad Libs -- here is mine:

From the most happy regions of the spiritual plane, I have channeled the disembodied spirit of Grandma Hessil, bringing to you the wisdom and bamboo of the lost city of Philadelphia. To usher in the New Age of smiles you must heed my words and write lovely. The time is soon when the space cars of our galactic cousins will return and our collective redness will reach critical mass. The highest frequencies of the universe will spiral through the toe chakras of the worthy, and our 3rd navel shall be opened. But first we must look deep inside and accept our inner peace. We must feel the inner peace, become the inner peace, shake it as though it was a black-eyed peas. We must accept our karmic past, and, as our yogi master, Samantha, always says 'The true form of a music is actually a green color , but enlightenment is like a peaceful river on the wind'. For there is no right or wrong, no wind or anti-wind, only one great and omnipresent water.

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