Thursday, December 02, 2004

Condom Size

The average penis size:

"The study found the average erect penis size was 14.7 cm (5-3/4 inches), with 40 percent of participants reporting lengths between 12 and 15 cm (4-3/4 and 5-7/8 inches)."

Now - the average condom size:

"When compared with the condoms normally used by the participants, the results showed only 18 percent wore the right size, with nearly half squeezing into condoms that were too small and 34 percent trying to use those that were too big. "

So - from the sounds of it, too many guys were buying "Magnum" when then needed regualr, or even worse, they were buying regular when they needed something smaller. Yikes!

1 comment:

Mean Dr. Lily said...

"...40 percent of participants reporting lengths between 4-3/4 and 5-7/8 inches"

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Poor bastards.