Friday, December 17, 2004


I wanted to reply to the comments, but for some reason the school identifies that as a "Chat Room".

I had my one-day follow-up yesterday a little while after my post and when my doctor examined my eyes she said they are healing nicely and couldn't even see the flap edges on my R eye until she turned her magnifying power to finally see it.

But my eyesight in my L eye is 20/20 right now and the R eye is 20/30. I guess usually the eyesight is more around the 20/30 or 20/40 the first day. So, they said I am doing really well.

My eyes have not been drying out (which I guess happens often). I am seeing great. I love waking up and seeing EVERYTHING.

The weird thing is not doing through my nightly rituals - you know - taking out the contacts, putting the glasses on to read and then taking them off again.

But I am very glad that I had it done. I only had pain that first day and none since then. So, I am VERY GLAD that I had it done.

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