Thursday, December 30, 2004

In My Pajamas

So, it's now after noon and I am sitting at home in my pajamas. It's great to have the week off from work. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Cities and did some shopping. I didn't care much for all the traffic. The mall was packed -- apparently every high school student is at the mall since there is no school. The lines at JC Penney were forever long as well, mainly with returns.

I didn't stay at the mall too long. I went to check out bras at Victoria's, and it's interesting that the bras in the store around around $35-$40 a piece.

Then I went to Linens'n'Things to use the gift card we got this summer as a wedding gift (almost 3 years late, but I guess better late than never). I bought us a feather bed and 2 new feather pillows. We put the feather bed on the bed last night and it is so nice. Andy says it is like sleeping in a nest because it just surrounds you. It does keep you nice & warm; I like it.

After I went to Valley Natural Foods and did some grocery shopping. I liked the pace there much more. It was slower. I also liked that they had a lot of stuff to sample. Yummy.

And today, well, I will probably get out of my pajamas before Andy comes home from work and I did the dishes, but I can't promise much more than that will be accomplished.

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Cattiva said...

I'm with you - I am totally enjoying a week doing not much of anything. Unfortunately I have about a million things to do. *sigh* I refuse to feel guilty, though. Enjoy the rest of your vacation & HAPPY NEW YEAR!