Sunday, December 19, 2004

Almost Christmas

Friday started out with the 5:05 Club (the Happy Hour Club that meets once a month for the company I work for). I like to go to these because I am only at the clinic a couple times a month since I am based out of the school -- plus I like to have drinks. This month it was at this guy's house who is married to a Doctor, so of course they have a beautiful new house with beautiful furniture. It was a wine tasting theme and they had enough crystal wine glasses for all of us (which was almost 20.) That's gonna be a hard act to follow (& it's at my house in January.)

Andy went to a Timberwolves game with his friend Raoul and ended up drinking way too much and having to get a hotel room for the 2 of them rather than trying to make the hour trek back home (which may have resulted in him dying or getting a DWI.) So, needless to say the next day when we went out to Buca's with some friends, he was not very interested in having any wine with our abundance of Italian food.

After Buca's, I went with our friends to see "Flight of the Phoenix". That was a pretty intense movie. I recommend it.

Today, it was colder than a witch's tit, but I decided to go out anyways. I wanted to go to JC Penney to use this $10 coupon they sent and of course I found something for myself and would only end up paying $5 after the coupon, but then I spotted something else for Andy and bought it. I HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM STORES WHEN I AM DONE WITH MY XMAS SHOPPING. If I go shopping, I always end up buying more than I wanted to. It happens when I go grocery shopping too. I went to the grocery store today also to pick up 3 things, but walked out with my 3 items plus a canteloupe, a pineapple, cream of mushroom soup & some eggnog.

BTW - then I was out the bank thermometer said it was 2 degrees out. Where the hell is the damn snow if it is going to be this cold.

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