Thursday, December 23, 2004

All the Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care

Andy & I opened a couple gifts early (we are opening the rest this afternoon). He got me Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 with a headset. Man - that has been fun. I sang my little heart out Tuesday night until Andy told me I had to come to bed at nearly 11:30. Then after work yesterday I came home I had to sing some more. I think I need to hold off for at least today, as my throat is a little hoarse. But I have to say that I do pretty well. I think I want to get the other 2 volumes & another headset so that I can whip this out at a party. Singing can be so much fun.

This afternoon we open the rest of our presents to each other before we head out to the in-laws for Christmas. So, tonight the festivities are at their place. Today at work/school (where I am now), we are watching National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation and having snack (for each of our periods - we have a 4-period day). I don't think I will need to watch that movie again for another year.

Tomorrow, we have to get up early to drive the 5.5 hours to my family. Good thing my youngest sister called the other day to ask about presents for my mom, as the xmas schedule was changed and we didn't know. Originally, we were planning on being there between 5-6pm for festivities in the evening, but we recently decided to be there at 2pm so we are there for kick-off (Packer/Viking Game). Although, I hear everyone else will be there earlier and be celebrating (& almost done by the time we get there). But with almost a 6 hour drive we aren't going to get up any earlier after a late night. We're not exactly thrilled about driving in below zero weather, but I guess that is what Christmas in the Midwest is about.

But I guess I haven't much to complain about, as a friend of mine who is one of 11 found out that all her sibs are getting together on Christmas and didn't even invite 2 of them (she being one of them). When she talked to one of her sister's about this her sister invited her to come over @ 4pm (turns out the festivities start at noon.) Bah Humbug!

And there is no school next week - woohoo! More time for me to stay home and sing.

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