Sunday, December 19, 2004

Top 100 Toys

These are the ones that I had: 1 (yes, with the banana seat), 8 (Yes, I am still mad at Al for throwing them all over my room & killing them), 13 (not sure that I had this, but I played with Steph's), 23 (I think this was Steph's, maybe Al's - but we had one & I got to play with it), 47 (actually got this as an adult), 62 (this was so much fun - remember playing this Steph), 69 (Ironic that Twister is # 69, but got this as an adult too), 71 (this was a gift from Santa to the whole family), 75 (had some Strawberry Shortcake stuff, but never enough for the whole village, so I had to settle with just smelling her hair), 79 (so much fun, I wonder if they ever made porn slides foe adults), 80 (I believe it was Steph who had this one too), 86 (another one bought as adult), 87 (another one I think we got from Santa for the family), 93 (not sure who had this in our family, I think it was Al). And that's it. I don't think Miranda had any of these, although I think the ones I actually had I bought myself as a kid or an adult.


Kinky Phanie Gates said...

Either you or Miranda had #32. I think it was you!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

It kinda looks like my "Judy" doll - but she didn't cry. She would pee if you put her in the bath tub and squeezed her, then her body sucked water in and then you could squeeze her again and she would piss.