Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Breasts & Bras

Timber! They are continuing to droop......bah! I'm under 30 and I don't have perky little breasts, although I have NEVER had perky "little" breasts. My bra size is 36D and has been for as long as I can remember, and there isn't that much perky involved in a D-cup. With a D-cup you need as much support to hold those babies up as possible.

Andy told me the other day that I don't really show them off that much and I thought about that and tried to look through my clothes and find something low-cut, but in MN I am inclined to have the neckline go up. The next issue is that even if I had some nice low-cut tops I don't really have the bras to work with them. I buy pretty bras from Victoria's Secret, but I typically buy full coverage because there is nothing worse then feeling like you could just pop out of your (demi) bra. I have one bra that is a push-up one from Victoria's Secret. It's black, lacey, has enough coverage, and frankly - my breasts look awesome in that bra. It’s the Stretch Lace Classic Miracle Bra. Even though I already have a D-cup, some might wonder why the pushup. The pushup provides more support - there is more fabric and structure surrounding your breasts.

When you get to be a D-cup (and it might happen at a C-cup, but I can't imagine a B or A-cup having these same issues) you no longer can buy cute little wireless numbers. The wire in those bra cups helps provide much needed support, as well as prevents your breasts from heading further south as the bra travels north, leaving you with nothing other than bunches of fabric resting on tops of your breasts. If you don't have underwire, you MUST have a lot of elastic holding those babies in. After years of sports bras that start to sag quickly and just never hold your breasts in tight enough as you run (& cause your breasts to ache from bouncing too much and your hands to gravitate towards your breasts in order to hold them up and keep them from bouncing), I have finally (last year) found a bra that does the job. It is the Champion Jogbra Action-Shape Sports Bra.

The great thing about this bra is that there are 3 sets of 3 eye-hook closures, so there is no pulling it over your head and stretching it out, plus you make it the size you need around your ribcage, plus you can change the straps in length (pretty strong Velcro for this), and notice that the size only come in C, D or DD. This is a bra for larger breasts. I have 2 of these bras (in the periwinkle, actually) and I have had them for over a year. I used to use up a sports bra in about 6 months (and that is stretching it - literally.)

Ok - so back to the topic of support. I went shopping at Vanity yesterday and was trying to find a top to go with a skirt to wear to Andy's work holiday party. I though the look of layering different camisoles was very sexy looking and was going to buy something along that lines. But as I tried stuff on I realized that 1) Things lay differently on a human body - more specifically, each human body - than they do on the mannequin, so some things just don't look as nice once you get them onto a real-life curvy body and 2) You need perky little breasts to really pull off the look or you NEED to wear a bra. So, the cute little tops I bought that are sheer in the back are just not going to work for me, as I need to wear a bra and I just can't get into having the back of my bra be visible (that was one thing that Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie would wear in Sex in the City that I just didn't like.)

I bought several different tops and am still not sure which one (or more likely - ones) that I will wear. I also ordered a couple of bras from Fredrick's of Hollywood and just received an email confirmation that they have shipped. Both are push-up bras. I have never bought a bra from them before and thought I would try them out - anyone buy their bras before? They are a little cheaper than Victoria's Secret. So, I guess we'll see. And maybe if they workout nice I'll buy one of their cute little outfits from them - maybe a nurse outfit. :)

Both Frederick’s & Victoria’s are having bra & panty sales, so it’s a good time to replace those old bras.

So, what I want is some kind of very supportive push-up shelf bra. I see those things that you are supposed just stick to your breasts and it holds them up. I bought some papery/disposable ones once they just sucked! My breasts were too large and the papery thing held up on the bottom, but I spilled over on the top. And I see they have ones that are made out of a silicone of some sort, although I have never tried those. Andy tells me he likes me best WITHOUT any bra at all (and without any top at all), but for most of my life I will be wearing a top (unless of course we decide to move to a nudist colony) and I want to a complimentary, sexy, supportive bra and I don't want to spend a small fortune on it either. So, we'll see how these new bras work and I'll let you know.


Mean Dr. Lily said...

Oh how I love the titties!

Alison said...

I am between a 34A and 34B. I am a 34B when I am on the plumper side and a 34A when I am skinny. The thing is, my butt never changes, so I actually look more proportional when I weigh more. Oh, well. I'm done with scales. It would be nice to be a little bigger on top to make up for the big bottom...but I kind of like being able to exercise bra-less.

Anonymous said...

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