Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Weekend of Eating Out

Started out Friday afternoon with my work Xmas Party. I was on the committee, but most everything has to be the same year after year per the boss, but we get to pick out the food, buy the gift certificates, set things up & take them down, and plan out the game (I was really trying to have NO games, but the boss-man said we had to have one.) It was during the workday (3-5)so no alcohol. I really work in the school (my office is there) but am there on contract, so my employer is really an outside agency. So, the drinks came after. Then more drinks after that - Andy & my friend Kate & I went to the Muni (our little town's municipal bar) and had drinks & a pizza. Then we went to her house & watched "Dodgeball" - that movie is just so funny.

Yesterday I went & tried out for a part in the Community Theater (tryouts were yesterday & today). They actually had me read for 3 parts in "The Diary of Anne Frank", so we'll see how everything goes. I should hear if I get a part in the next couple of days. Then went grocery shopping, then out to eat at this place called Lord Essex's Tavern, then shopping at the mall, and then home and did some yoga.

Today I did my walking & jogging workout then we met some friends @ Benihana's. Damn that food is so good. I had the Seafood Diablo. Very yummy and there is leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. We go there once a year with a couple of my friends from grad school. While in grad school we would go after every semester to celebrate that we finished another semester, but now that we own houses and are starting families, it's just too expensive to be going there that often, plus we have homes that we like to host dinner parties in.

I guess that's it. Just a lot of eating & drinking.

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