Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Decent Day

So, after my long post about the weekend, I still have more to write about. Well, this time it's about today.

So, I'm driving to my first day of class at a campus I never took classes at before, and I am listening to the radio and they have a call-in contest. I thought - what the heck! I'm just driving and I think I know the right answer (what year did these 2 songs come out). And sure enough I get through and have the right answer (1981). I won a $10 gc to a local Greenhouse and a GC to get some Bosch Wipers professionally installed from Auto Glass Specialists. Cool.

I get to class and am not sure what to expect as I am beginning a new program, but it is much easier than I imagined, which I am thrilled about.

Although I leave and have a parking ticket. Of all the free parking lots (since it's summer) I chose the one that is NOT free. Dammit! Oh well. Things happen.

I get to work and things ran smoothly and no big upsets. After work I go meet with the Aflac guy to sign up for June (yes, I know I am cutting it close). I am signing up for the Long-Term Disability, which covers childbirth. Who knew? Anyways, it has to be in effect for at least 30 days before you get pregnant and has to be in affect for 10 months at least. So, what it boils down to is you need it early and in case you deliver early, you need it even earlier than you might think. I know my MIL reads this, so I don't want her to go start baby shopping yet, but yes, we will be starting to try very soon and when it happens, it happens.

Then I went and joined the City owned Fitness & Tennis Center. It's not owned by the city we live in, but the city I work in - which is only 7 miles away anyways. But they have this deal where you pay $55 for 3.5 months (May 23 - Sept 6, or something like that). So, I joined that and worked out for 45 minutes (all the while reading for my class). I figure I can handle $55 for 3.5 months and I can see how much I use it. If I do use it often , then maybe I will extend it. I have to mention though that the hours are not the greatest, during the week they are fine, but Saturdays it is 8a-1p and Sundays they are closed (those are summer hours, and it's city-owned, so that makes sense.)

And now I am here catching up with my blogging. But I should go because I have to type a paper yet tonight for one of my classes.

All Weekends Should Be 3 days

I think I would be a much happier person (not that I am necessarily unhappy, but I would be happier) if we had 3 full days EVERY WEEKEND, and only worked 4 days a week. Now, some might ask me why I would even ask for such a thing when I already have summers off (well, except for 2 weeks of summer school programming for the kids, spread over 2 months) and get a week for spring break and a week for Christmas and plenty of other misc. days here and there throughout the year. (Honestly, school do a good job of making sure that you have a break of at least one day every month, whether it is holiday or other.) But I think I would give up summers off if I could have 3 day weekends.

So, here's my run-down of the latest long weekend:

Friday PM: decided that we need a little road trip and drove 1 3/4 hours to North Branch, ate at the Pizza Pit (good Taco Pizza), stayed at the AmericInn (crazy old lady in the hot tub there, but nice continetal plus breakfast), drove home Saturday AM.

Saturday: drove home, did weekend chores (laundry, cleaning), filled the hottub, reading for my classes, went to dinner w/Carrie & Kyle, then ended with a bonfire at our place (mmmm! Smores!), oh! and Andy & Kyle chopped down a tree (why you may ask - well, they were drunk and Andy never liked that tree and I disappeared for a couple minutes, so what does any smart husband do - do it now and ask for forgiveness later - when I caught them there was no stopping since they were already sawing throuh it - it was an ugly tree!)

Sunday: Drove to LaCrosse & back to pick up an engine for Andy's project car (nice little road trip with a shotr visit to a park where we chilled & I read), sat in the hottub, did more reading, went to bed by 11pm

Monday: This day was super busy! We worked up my garden and got everything planted (cucumber, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, tomoato, lettuce, radishes, carrots, peppers, onions, & sweet corn), finished pouring my cement rock molds (400 more pounds of cement for a grand total of 1000 pounds of cement used to make my path - I'll have to post a picture, it looks nice), digging up areas to do more landscaping for another flower garden, a herb garden, and a strawberry patch. So, the pattern is made and all of the border stones are bought and installed, now we just have to lay dirt & plant (as they are somewhat raised), more reading, another hot tub and to bed.

Both Andy & I feel very beat up from the physical work on Monday. It was A LOT & very tiring, but I think it will turn out very nice. I will post a picture when it's all done.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Latino Power

My professor of my Multicultural Counseling class suggested we read this. So, I found it and decided to post it. Maybe this will help me remember that I need to read it.

Good Thing School is Almost Over

Looks like some people REALLY need summer break. But we can learn something from these; here's a list of:

* Ask yous kids "if they had a set of these or were they equipped with a vagina"
* Write a nasty letter to your students
* If it looks like Elephant Dung - Don't Touch it!
* Senior Pranks involving Crisco & Plastic Wrap aren't widely appreciated
* Call religious belivers "moral retards"

Oh! The Memories!


Hopefully you can view this. Thanks to Andy for sending it to me.

100 All-Time Movies

This is the list from TIME. Looks like I have some old movies I am missing out on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What The?

Where did my blog go? Says page cannot be found. Blogger must be having problems again.

Monday, May 23, 2005


I just have to tell you about this online makeup place. I bought 12 different items (3 were different shades of lip gloss) and have tried most of them.

This place is E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face). The stuff is ALL ONE DOLLAR ($1). Yes, that is correct. This is what I bought:
Mascara: Love it!
Eye Liner (Coffee): Wow! Goes on nicely and lasts and doesn't smudge, comes with a sharpener
Shielding Lip Gloss (Chocolate Kiss): Looks great! Smells wonderful!
Conditioning Balm: Ahhh, yes. Feels nice.
Hypershine Gloss (Nude & Tourmaline): Smells fun. Shine is unbeatable.
Bronzing Blush Duo (Sundance): I actually like this better as eye shadow and have used it for that and it looks great!
Shielding Hydro Tint(Tone 1): Basically just a suncreen that smells nice with a tinge of color. It does NOT make you turn orange and does help to keep pressed powder on. This is on the small side.
Clarifying Pressed Powder (Tone 1): Nice smell again and is a full size powder that comes with a sponge.
Nail Laquer (Helene's Metallic Blush): Haven't tried this yet. It's a bottle that is half the size of other polishes, but who ever uses a whole bottle of something before it starts to dry out?

So, check it out. S/H charges are not that bad either. And if you buy 10 items, they automatically give you a coupon for Buy 5 Get 5 at 50% off. So, now all of a sudden 10 items that would have been $10 are $7.50. And s/h on those 10 items will end up being $4.95 (it's $3.95 s/h for the first 6 items and then $1 for each additional 6 items.)

Happy Shopping!

A Full Moon

Of course today is a full moon day. My co-worker I work most closely took today off as a personal day. Bah! Which left me with a sub (teacher) and a para that doesn't work too hard and really has not formed close relationships with the kids.

The sub and the para think that today went just smoothly. I nicely told them that I was handling all the crisis' quietly. Didn't they notice I was hardly in thr room and was gone with different kids all day. I think I had 6 or 7 individual sessions (which is quite a bit when you consider I also have group sessions.) The sub and the para have no idea that one kid was having bad hallucinations, another was freaking out because there is a pretty good chance she is pregnant, another is having frequent panic attacks, and so on and so on. I actually spent about 2 hours just with the kid with hallucinations.

This kind of thing happens every full moon. Ask anyone working in the mental health or health field. People just start to go crazy on a full moon. Usually the day after the full moon is bad too, but my teacher will be back. It was interesting how they had their crisis' quietly. If the teacher was there it would have most likely been louder because the kids trust & like the 2 of us and they would want to concern both of us at the same time. Just goes to show how much forming a relationship with a kid is beneficial. Not one of the kids freaking out went to the para who probably seems cold to them, nor did they go to the sub who they did not know.

I think I should go to bed early tonight so that I am well rested for tomorrow's events.

Just in Case.....

Just in case my car ever breaks down, I am getting this. Andy had sent this to me. I may seriously consider it if the vet tells me Molly has to lose weight (although doesn't help with me losing weight.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Someone else is Addicted to eBay MORE

Who has time to look up all the crazy stuff on ebay? Apparently this fellow blogger does.

Awful Hair

Check it out.

Why Bo Will Win........

Bo sounded AWESOME tonight! No complaints about his performance at all. Some mistakes for Vonzell & Carrie. I think I would rank them Bo, Carrie, and then Vonzell.

But I think Bo will end up winning the competition and here's why.....

It's all based on the combination of color & sex.
Kelly : White & Female
Ruben: Black & Male
Fantasia: Black & Female

and the obvious choice based on that logic is White & Male -- which means Bo.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

FREE Frosty This Weekend

I have the husband trained nicely. Always having his eyes open to a freebie or a bargain.

Thank him for finding this one: Free Frosty @ Wendy's ALL Weekend.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What are the Animals Doing?

Molly, Lucy, & Larry have not appeared in any of these pics (scroll down the page). But some are pretty funny.

Make a Shirt for a Dollar

Check it out! Something to kill some time with.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Cement Dries Out Your Hands

These are some things I learned this weekend (from my weekend events):

* Cement dries out your hands
* Some people are easily bored when they don't have constant attention
* Marinating tenderloins and chicken breasts for a couple days is very tasty
* Even changing a tire can take a long time
* Making a pasta, broccoli & tuna salad needs time for the flavors to blend, but after a while the pasta absorbs all the salad dressing
* Mountain Dew with Raspberri Absolut can be pretty tasty
* Some people brag A LOT
* Digging up lawn after a light rain is much easier than dry lawn
* Sometimes you do need to scrub your floors by hand to get it really clean
* Spoiling your husband's friends with wonderful meals when they are over will make you seem wonderful (& hopefully keep them from believeing the bad things he might say)
* You need to soak Morning Glory seeds for 24 hours before planting them
* Apparently dogs like the taste of antifreeze, but it will kill them (this did not happened, but I was warned of this and kept the dog out of the garage as the boys worked.)
* Buy 2+ molds when making a cement mold path

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Final 5

So, here are my thoughts from worst to best last night:

* Anthony
* Vonzell
* Scott
* Carrie
* Bo

What do you think?


Alicia sent this on to me: Monday Morning Test.

Monday, May 02, 2005


I never realized it was a real word. When someone said that "It went amok." I always just presumed it was some regional slang (well, I guess it is - but definitly not rooted in the culture in Midwest America.) I am reading this book for my Multicultural Counseling class that will start in about a week & a half and it is a term that is addressed in there.

So, what does amok mean?

It means: Some sources have identified Malaysians as having a particular tendency to run amok, though they are by no means the only people to do so. A Malay will suddenly and apparently without reason rush into the street armed with a
kris or other weapons, and slash and cut at everybody he meets till he is killed. These frenzies were formerly regarded as due to sudden insanity. It is now, however, certain that the typical amok is the result of circumstances, such as domestic jealousy or gambling losses, which render a Malay desperate and weary of his life. It is, in fact, the Malay equivalent of suicide. "The act of running amuck is probably due to causes over which the culprit has some amount of control, as the custom has now died out in the British possessions in the peninsula, the offenders probably objecting to being caught and tried in cold blood."

There were a couple of other words I found particularly interesting. They are Brain Fag and Koro.

They mean:
Brain Fag - In West Africa, this disorder is usually experienced by high school and college students whose brain has become fatigued in responce to academic stress and have difficulties concentrating, remembering and thinking.

Koro- basically this means penis panic, referring to a type of mass hysteria or panic where males grow fearful of removal or shrinking of the penis. The phenomenon is usually associated with some kind of occult belief, such as witchcraft. These irrational panics generally happen where access to education is limited, but have also been reported under drug use. Compare with castration anxiety.
Penis panics have occurred around the world, most notably in
Africa and Asia. Panics concerning the female genitals are far less common and briefly discussed here. Penis panics in southeast Asia are known as Koro, with psychological diagnosis and treatments under development, but it is becoming increasingly clear that these forms of mass hysteria are more common than previously thought.

I think I had brain fag in school (maybe will get it again as I start back with school, I think a lot of the kids I work with have brain fag.)

Sunday, May 01, 2005


We drove by a mailbox with the name "Duhme" on it. So, what exactly is the phoenetic pronunciation? Could it be: dummie, duh me, doom, do me? Any other suggestions?

Party On Wayne!

Party On Garth.

ok - I don't know why that popped in my head, but I think it kinda sums up my weekend.

Friday I went out to Happy Hour with some collegues. And since I work in the school system, Happy Hour started @ 3:30, 3 tall Leinie's Honey Weiss later and I am on my way home to pick up the hubby and meet up with some friends for dinner & more partying. Well, I partied (us ladies did) the guys just sat around talking thinking us chicks were weird. Andy said at one point he heard us saying "I appreciate you sooooo much." And he laughs and says "Who really says that?" Well, he's a guy and guys just don't talk that way to their friends I guess. And we were just dancing around the kitchen to some music on the radio, then we set up the karaoke machine and did some singing (& more dancing).

Saturday was spent sleeping in (until 11:30) washing clothes, running errands, and then out to a 30th birthday party. We went to McCoy's in the Cities. It was fun. Got to see a 30-year old guy do a blow job (his wife said that was the only blow job ihe would get that night.) He did it very well, which makes me wonder if I really should have left the guys alone during Geekfest.

After 2 late nights, it is now Sunday. I am off to a family party at my in-laws. I suppose I will drink more there. My MIL says I talk more when I drink (well, who doesn't), but I try to shut my mouth when one SIL is there, as I seem to say things that are particularly offensive to her. It's not just me, I think it's the whole family. I don't think she likes any of us very well, especially not the MIL. But she doesn't come to too many family things, so I might not have to worry about it anyways. But I guess today we are doing a celebration of a conglomeration of things (Easter, Andy's b-day, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Daylight Savings -- you know -- all the regulars :) )

So, we'll see how the weekend ends. We get a new porch put on this week. Yeah!


What Will You be Reincarnated as?

Funny. I will be reincarnated as a God.