Monday, May 23, 2005


I just have to tell you about this online makeup place. I bought 12 different items (3 were different shades of lip gloss) and have tried most of them.

This place is E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face). The stuff is ALL ONE DOLLAR ($1). Yes, that is correct. This is what I bought:
Mascara: Love it!
Eye Liner (Coffee): Wow! Goes on nicely and lasts and doesn't smudge, comes with a sharpener
Shielding Lip Gloss (Chocolate Kiss): Looks great! Smells wonderful!
Conditioning Balm: Ahhh, yes. Feels nice.
Hypershine Gloss (Nude & Tourmaline): Smells fun. Shine is unbeatable.
Bronzing Blush Duo (Sundance): I actually like this better as eye shadow and have used it for that and it looks great!
Shielding Hydro Tint(Tone 1): Basically just a suncreen that smells nice with a tinge of color. It does NOT make you turn orange and does help to keep pressed powder on. This is on the small side.
Clarifying Pressed Powder (Tone 1): Nice smell again and is a full size powder that comes with a sponge.
Nail Laquer (Helene's Metallic Blush): Haven't tried this yet. It's a bottle that is half the size of other polishes, but who ever uses a whole bottle of something before it starts to dry out?

So, check it out. S/H charges are not that bad either. And if you buy 10 items, they automatically give you a coupon for Buy 5 Get 5 at 50% off. So, now all of a sudden 10 items that would have been $10 are $7.50. And s/h on those 10 items will end up being $4.95 (it's $3.95 s/h for the first 6 items and then $1 for each additional 6 items.)

Happy Shopping!


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Did I mention that everything so far (except the mascara) smell like food. It's great!

Alison said...

Is it good quality stuff? I need to get a new powder and mascara...but don't know what tone to get. How pale is the tone 1 you got?

Alison said...

I decided to try tone 2 because of my brown hair...and because 1 looked too light for me. If it's too dark, at least it was only $1.

Thanks for the good find!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I really like the mascara. I have dark blond hair and fair skin and the powder is a tinge darker than my skin tone, but it's powder and blends in nicely, so it's not like it makes me have a line or anything.