Tuesday, May 31, 2005

All Weekends Should Be 3 days

I think I would be a much happier person (not that I am necessarily unhappy, but I would be happier) if we had 3 full days EVERY WEEKEND, and only worked 4 days a week. Now, some might ask me why I would even ask for such a thing when I already have summers off (well, except for 2 weeks of summer school programming for the kids, spread over 2 months) and get a week for spring break and a week for Christmas and plenty of other misc. days here and there throughout the year. (Honestly, school do a good job of making sure that you have a break of at least one day every month, whether it is holiday or other.) But I think I would give up summers off if I could have 3 day weekends.

So, here's my run-down of the latest long weekend:

Friday PM: decided that we need a little road trip and drove 1 3/4 hours to North Branch, ate at the Pizza Pit (good Taco Pizza), stayed at the AmericInn (crazy old lady in the hot tub there, but nice continetal plus breakfast), drove home Saturday AM.

Saturday: drove home, did weekend chores (laundry, cleaning), filled the hottub, reading for my classes, went to dinner w/Carrie & Kyle, then ended with a bonfire at our place (mmmm! Smores!), oh! and Andy & Kyle chopped down a tree (why you may ask - well, they were drunk and Andy never liked that tree and I disappeared for a couple minutes, so what does any smart husband do - do it now and ask for forgiveness later - when I caught them there was no stopping since they were already sawing throuh it - it was an ugly tree!)

Sunday: Drove to LaCrosse & back to pick up an engine for Andy's project car (nice little road trip with a shotr visit to a park where we chilled & I read), sat in the hottub, did more reading, went to bed by 11pm

Monday: This day was super busy! We worked up my garden and got everything planted (cucumber, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, tomoato, lettuce, radishes, carrots, peppers, onions, & sweet corn), finished pouring my cement rock molds (400 more pounds of cement for a grand total of 1000 pounds of cement used to make my path - I'll have to post a picture, it looks nice), digging up areas to do more landscaping for another flower garden, a herb garden, and a strawberry patch. So, the pattern is made and all of the border stones are bought and installed, now we just have to lay dirt & plant (as they are somewhat raised), more reading, another hot tub and to bed.

Both Andy & I feel very beat up from the physical work on Monday. It was A LOT & very tiring, but I think it will turn out very nice. I will post a picture when it's all done.

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