Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Decent Day

So, after my long post about the weekend, I still have more to write about. Well, this time it's about today.

So, I'm driving to my first day of class at a campus I never took classes at before, and I am listening to the radio and they have a call-in contest. I thought - what the heck! I'm just driving and I think I know the right answer (what year did these 2 songs come out). And sure enough I get through and have the right answer (1981). I won a $10 gc to a local Greenhouse and a GC to get some Bosch Wipers professionally installed from Auto Glass Specialists. Cool.

I get to class and am not sure what to expect as I am beginning a new program, but it is much easier than I imagined, which I am thrilled about.

Although I leave and have a parking ticket. Of all the free parking lots (since it's summer) I chose the one that is NOT free. Dammit! Oh well. Things happen.

I get to work and things ran smoothly and no big upsets. After work I go meet with the Aflac guy to sign up for June (yes, I know I am cutting it close). I am signing up for the Long-Term Disability, which covers childbirth. Who knew? Anyways, it has to be in effect for at least 30 days before you get pregnant and has to be in affect for 10 months at least. So, what it boils down to is you need it early and in case you deliver early, you need it even earlier than you might think. I know my MIL reads this, so I don't want her to go start baby shopping yet, but yes, we will be starting to try very soon and when it happens, it happens.

Then I went and joined the City owned Fitness & Tennis Center. It's not owned by the city we live in, but the city I work in - which is only 7 miles away anyways. But they have this deal where you pay $55 for 3.5 months (May 23 - Sept 6, or something like that). So, I joined that and worked out for 45 minutes (all the while reading for my class). I figure I can handle $55 for 3.5 months and I can see how much I use it. If I do use it often , then maybe I will extend it. I have to mention though that the hours are not the greatest, during the week they are fine, but Saturdays it is 8a-1p and Sundays they are closed (those are summer hours, and it's city-owned, so that makes sense.)

And now I am here catching up with my blogging. But I should go because I have to type a paper yet tonight for one of my classes.

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