Monday, May 09, 2005

Cement Dries Out Your Hands

These are some things I learned this weekend (from my weekend events):

* Cement dries out your hands
* Some people are easily bored when they don't have constant attention
* Marinating tenderloins and chicken breasts for a couple days is very tasty
* Even changing a tire can take a long time
* Making a pasta, broccoli & tuna salad needs time for the flavors to blend, but after a while the pasta absorbs all the salad dressing
* Mountain Dew with Raspberri Absolut can be pretty tasty
* Some people brag A LOT
* Digging up lawn after a light rain is much easier than dry lawn
* Sometimes you do need to scrub your floors by hand to get it really clean
* Spoiling your husband's friends with wonderful meals when they are over will make you seem wonderful (& hopefully keep them from believeing the bad things he might say)
* You need to soak Morning Glory seeds for 24 hours before planting them
* Apparently dogs like the taste of antifreeze, but it will kill them (this did not happened, but I was warned of this and kept the dog out of the garage as the boys worked.)
* Buy 2+ molds when making a cement mold path


Just Me said...

I totally agree with the digging up the lawn part: except if it's too wet then it weighs too much. I love to garden after a light rain...heck...sometimes I like to garden in the rain. And yes...unfortunately getting down on your hands & knees is sometimes the only way to really get those floors clean...oh, my aching back! Hmmm...not sure about the husband's friends thing...your husband shouldn't be saying bad things about you.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Oh - he doesn't say bad things, but if he ever did they will never believe him.