Monday, May 23, 2005

A Full Moon

Of course today is a full moon day. My co-worker I work most closely took today off as a personal day. Bah! Which left me with a sub (teacher) and a para that doesn't work too hard and really has not formed close relationships with the kids.

The sub and the para think that today went just smoothly. I nicely told them that I was handling all the crisis' quietly. Didn't they notice I was hardly in thr room and was gone with different kids all day. I think I had 6 or 7 individual sessions (which is quite a bit when you consider I also have group sessions.) The sub and the para have no idea that one kid was having bad hallucinations, another was freaking out because there is a pretty good chance she is pregnant, another is having frequent panic attacks, and so on and so on. I actually spent about 2 hours just with the kid with hallucinations.

This kind of thing happens every full moon. Ask anyone working in the mental health or health field. People just start to go crazy on a full moon. Usually the day after the full moon is bad too, but my teacher will be back. It was interesting how they had their crisis' quietly. If the teacher was there it would have most likely been louder because the kids trust & like the 2 of us and they would want to concern both of us at the same time. Just goes to show how much forming a relationship with a kid is beneficial. Not one of the kids freaking out went to the para who probably seems cold to them, nor did they go to the sub who they did not know.

I think I should go to bed early tonight so that I am well rested for tomorrow's events.

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