Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Last leg of the trip

You know - my last post ended up on here 3 times. I just don´t know if it will make it on there or not. I really did not think it would, but what do you know - there it was. Blogger doesn´t seem to like Costa Rica so much.

So, now we are in our last 2 nights of an 8 night trip. We made our way back up to Liberia (where our airposrt is) and checked into the Best Western and will be staying here 1 nights instead of 2. The weather is hot and dry. It was more humid at the coast. By the volcano it was nice, perfect temperature at night and day. In the rainforest it was on the brisk side (compared to the rest of the country) and was a bit nippy at night. I normally don´t have allergy issues, but when we were by the volcanoes and rainforest areas I had some major issues. There must be some plants in the more vegetative area that just don´t agree with me. So, I am glad to be back where things are drier (actually in some places it is so dry that there are fires - on our way here today there was a tree that had fallen down because the trunk burned and it was blocking the road).

Have I mentioned that the keyboards here are frustrating. Bah!

So, I looked up to see who was voted off American Idol and am glad to see Miklah is gone. I had to look up info about Terry Schivo as well. I can´t believe she is still living. I thought we couldn´t live that long without water.

I´ve got some color, but not too much as we weren´t really in the sun too much. We were either in a car or inside (´cuz it gets too damn hot!). But I laid out for about 1.5 hours today. My fair skin cannot take much more than that.

We´ve had some pretty good food and seen some beautiful views. I don´t think we´ll be moving here, as the roads are just awful to navigate.

Time to get off now, as my time is off. I can´t wait to get home and use the internet as much as I want without having to sell my first born to pay for it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Trip Update

Am at an internet cafe right now. Thankfully people realize that I am vacation and are not sending me a lot of emails. We spent 4 nights at Hotelito Sisisi and it was nice & HOT. And by hot I mean 95 to 97 degrees each day. So, I got some sun, but between 12 and 4 pm it´s almost to hot to be out. I spent sometime in the ocean every day `jumping waves´. Andy lost his prescription sunglasses the last day, so now he just has his regular glasses and has to tolerate the sun. Damn ocean sweeping away things.

Today we are in Santa Elena - Monteverde [their keyboards here are weird] and it is raining outside. I guess that is what you get when you are in the rainforest.

Yesterday we took a `3 Hour Tour´, well, it was supposed to take about 3 hours to get to our location by Arenal, but we got pulled over by the cops [Andy was speeding] and had to pay them $20 to not give us a ticket, and then got lost (they just don´t have names for roads and sometimes road signs are scarce) and then the roads themselves are awful. Potholes EVERYWHERE on paved roads, and then there are `rock´roads and dirt roads. We have picstures of everything that we will put on Andy´s website when we get back.

Saw a couple of volcanos (not the ones we were intending to see, as we too some wrong roads). The hotel we stayed at last night was less than desirable. The view was fantastic, the food was questionable, the beds were awful and the room smelled of mold, and the owners themselves seemed questionable. It was very much an American joint (I use the word joint purposefully). But it was cheap and somewhat clean and had hot showers.

We are about to go find some food and a hotel for tonight, as we were supposed to stay at the ´joint´for 2 more nights. Now we are winging it. Lots of other stuff to tell you about, but I should go and hopefully blogger actually uploads this.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Votes for A.I. Bottom 2

Tonight I think the bottom 2 should be Mikalah & Anthony and I think Mikalah will be the boot tonight.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

To Bleed or Not to Bleed?

So, apparently menstruating women live longer. Check out this article. Maybe I should not have been on depo all those years, although I have to say it was great not having a period for 6 years.

The other interesting thing about this article is that men live longer if they are married, but that isn't necessarily true for women. Seems like us women have the upper hand here.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Getting Down to Earth

What kind of soul are you? I am down-to-earth, not big surprise there.

Blogging in the Shower

Some people sing......I Blog.....well, in my head I do. I think of all these things I want to blog about, but then I guess busy with life outside the shower and I forget about all my great shower ideas. I know I came up with 3 different ideas, but the only one I can remember was that I come up with these great blogging topics in the shower. Now, if someone could make a waterproof laptop, then I think I would be in business. Hmmmmm.......surfing in the shower. It's not enough that I (I say I, but really we both do it with our won laptops) sit on the couch surfing as we watch anything on tv, you know I once even took my laptop and did some surfing while I was on the stationary bicycle. Maybe I am addicted to you think there are support groups out there for chronic surfers? You know, as a therapist, if I could overcome my addiction to surfing, maybe I could start this support group....nah! I like surfing too much. In a way, it replaced my addiction to shopping, but sometimes I get in these ruts where I shop online A LOT or buy on eBay A LOT, then I just have to tell myself that I have enough of everything and to knock it off. Blogging may have replaced my online shopping, although I still do frequent eBay A LOT, but I just don't buy as often.

The Countdown Begins

I am getting so excited! I have refrained for quite a while from looking at the places we are staying in Costa Rica, but that's all done. I am looking now. I just love the first place (Hotelito Si Si Si ). I know we are going to love it there. I know this not because it looks fantastic, but one of the Innkeepers, Joan Inman, has been absolutly wonderful. We have been corresponding over the past few months and she has just been a delight. She repsonds to my emails within 24 hours and answers all of my questions and has been very accomodating. Plus they have internet access there, so I can keep my blog updated as to what is happening. People say that you should leave cell phones and computers behind when you vacation so that you can relax, but I have found that if I an't check my email I get stressed. The first time we went to Costa Rica we checked email twice and I remember feelings such a sense of calmness after checking my email. It is just a necessary part of my life. I've actually paid for all 4 nights here already. They take paypal, which is ever-so-convenient.

Our next 3 nights is at the Hotel Aurora Inn. I have to go get some cash out to pay for this place. It's $39/night (taxes included). What a deal! This place will be more of adventure, as we have not seen pics of the inside of the room. I had emailed to guy about getting pics,but he said they had someone make their website. They are definitly not as technology inclined as the first place. The pool looks nice enough. I have a feeling that some of the pictures of the view are not going to be as close as they appear, so with that in mind I don't think I will be disappointed. The thing I am afraid of is that the beds at this place are a Double. Most privately owned small hotels & B&B's in Costa Rica have double beds. We can fit in a double, but we are so used to our king that even a queen can be cramped (I usually get kicked, as Andy likes to spread his legs out, and he's a big guy {6'4} and has a lot of length.)

These 3 nights/days should be an adventure as we have not been to the volcano & rain forest areas before. And as we look at properties that we might be interested in purchasing in the future, we are more drawn to the area around Lake Arenal. I don't see us purchasing anything soon, but hopefully someday.

Our last night is at a Best Western Casino (El Sitio Hotel & Casino) in Liberia. They have live entertainment & a cocktail lounge, so I am sure we will enjoy our last evening in Costa Rica.

All 3 places we are staying at have outdoor pools, which was a must. The weather is just so great there that we want to be sitting outside. I don't care as much about being on a beach because I don't need to swim in the ocean as much, I just need a convenient place to get in the water when I am starting to get warm. The other cool thing about all 3 places is that we have breakfasts included in the rates, which is always nice because then that saves on the food costs, and they always have lots of fresh local fruit, local coffee, and other yummy food.

Right now, as I type this the weather is:
Liberia: 88 degrees (Where we will fly into and spend our 8th night)
San Jose: 82 degrees (which is further south than we will be)
Tamarindo: 82 degrees (where out first 4 nights are)

I can't find a temp for near Lake Arenal. I think the temp there is dependant on the wind level, because the more wind the cooler it is because the lake will cool the air.

We rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car. We reserved an Intermediate Car, which they say is a Nissan Sentra or similar.

Right now the Exchange Rate 1 Dollar = 467 Colon. This is over 100 colones more than when we were there in 2002. Excellent! Such a great rate. Although, a lot of places what dollars rather than colones because of the value.

Yeah! This should be fun.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Time to Move My Ass

Actually - the title has more than one meaning.

1st - I changed my blogger name from Local Jewish Ass to Lame Shrill Owl (an anagram of a different combination of my names)

2nd - I am feeling chubby. I need to start working out more. Bah! I wonder if I can find someone to join one of the clubs in the area with me.

3rd - It's time to go to bed. Since it was snowing all day, I rarely moved off the couch to do anything (just to eat, shower, do a little bit of dishes, and shovel the sidewalk and in front of the garage.)

12-14 & Still Counting

We're between 12-14 inches of snow at our place........within 30-40 minutes away they are at 16.5 inches (in Rochester & Albert Lea), and it's still coming down. Andy is glad that we didn't sell the truck & plow like we were planning. It would be a bitch to shovel our yard. Actually, if we had to shovel our driveway, I think we might just stay locked up in our place until it melted. I have enough food in the pantry, shelves, fridge, & freezers that I don't think we would have to leave for quite some time.

So, we'll see what the final total is tomorrow. Looks like my in-laws (northern suburbs of the Cities) got about 2 inches.

You should see our stupid dog. She just loves the snow, but it's up past her belly. But she just runs around in it and rolls in it. She gets even more retarded around snow. It's funny.....she hates water and generally refuses to go out in the rain and hides on the other side of the house if we are washing our cars or watering the lawn or gardens.

Maybe I'll get out there and take a picture of the snow, just so you can see how much there is. It's just amazing.

Free Day of Camping at KOA

I know some people who read by blog like to go camping, so I thought I would post what I found. It's a free night (Friday, May 13th) of camping at select KOA campgrounds.

Here is the full list by state. It also lists what type of camp sites are available.

Here is what is in MN & WI .

Albert Lea/Austin - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In, One Room Kabin
Bemidji - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Cloquet/Duluth - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In, One Room Kabin
Jackson - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Minneapolis Northwest - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Moorhead/Fargo - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Rochester/Marion - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
St. Cloud/Clearwater/I-94 - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
St. Paul East - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In

Fond Du Lac - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In, One Room Kabin, Two Room Kabin
Hayward - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Hixton/Alma Center - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In, One Room Kabin, Two Room Kabin
Madison - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Rice Lake/Spooner - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In
Wisconsin Dells - Tent, RV Pull Through, RV Back In

I imagine these will go fast. You can make your reservations for this right online.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

More Tests

So, after taking that age test (& while waiting for dinner to finish cooking) I decided to take some other quizzes.

Try them out:

You Are What You Eat! It says I will probably maintain my weight and preserve the health of my arteries. I win the Gold Medal!

What Do You Taste Like? Very interesting quiz. Not what I expected. Apparently I taste like chilis. Maybe 'cuz I answered the one question that I wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant & drink coronas.

How Evil Are You? Very interesting Questions. I am Neutral.

Which High School Stereotype Are You? Guess what - I am a Blonde. Hmmmmmm.....

How Old Do You Act?

I first saw this on Alison's website. Try it out. I act 33 I guess.

You Are 33 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

What Age Do You Act?

The Conference

Well, I went to 2 full days of conferences. Yesterday, I went to the sessions on:
1) Borderline Personality Disorder
2) "Drafting" or in laymans terms - Not Burning Out
3) Sensory Integration Disorder

Todays conferences were:
4) Early Onset Schizophrenia in Childhood & Adolescents
5) ADHD Co-morbid with Bipolar Disorder
6) Psychopharmatherapy & Bipolar disorder
7) The Black Box: Suicides & Antidepressants

Tomorrow there are 2 more sessions, but we are expected to get 12 inches (yes, I said 12) of snow in our area starting tonight and going through tomorrow. I think I might just be staying home.

Session #1 was really good. It was 3 hours long, but didn't seem like it. I was actually able to take away some different techniques that I can use with the kids I work with. And the stories were sad, wonderful, and inspring all at the same time. I totally could think off all the kids that I work with that are borderline. They certainly are ones that are challenging.

Session #2 was right after lunch and I just didn't want to sit through, but I did and I did take away some words of wisdom. This guy (Nick Mezacapa, who is now a priest, after years of being a teacher and surviing prostate cancer and holding one of his children in his arms as she died) said that he had a short list about life:
1) Life is short, do it now. (He said he never gave last rites to anyone who said they wished they had bought one more Porche, but lots who said they had wished they followed their dreams.)
2) Keep it simple. (When life gets to complicated, you lose sight of what you are really after because you are too distracted by everything else.)
3) Play. (Have fun and play. Life is worth enjoying if you are having fun. And then he proceeded to make us all get up and dance for an hour.)
4) There was a 4th thing, but for the life of me. I can't remember it right now.

Session #3 sucked so bad. This person obviously had never presented to a group of people before. Her affect was very flat (I was beginning to make my own diagnosis of her) and she was BORING! I wanted to poke out my eyes to keep things interesting.

Session #4 was pretty good. I have a kid I work with whoh is schizophrenic, but is in the recovery phase. But there is another kid that is in the premodoral stage and they are considering schizophrenia as his diagnosis. So it was interesting to here it talked about and think about those kids.

Session #5 was kinda boring. It was just ok. I didn't really learn anything I didn't know.

Sessions #6 & #7 were both by the same guy , Joel Oberstar, who turned out to be someone I went to undergraduate school with (he graduated 1 year ahead of me.) It was really informative for me, as I need to learn more about psychopharmatherapy. I learned quite a bit from this one. He presented it in a down-to-earth manner, which was nice. As by the end of the day I was sick of listening to big words.

I also liked all the booths. I was able to learn about all these placements my kids may have gone to, might go to, or maybe will never go to.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Links to my Special Someone

You know - Andy has some presence out there on the worldwide web. I thought I would highlight some of them.

First is his Ulgly Omni Project. He is keeping a blog about it. I booked marked it on the side. You can see the pictures of the car sitting in my garage. He says it will be pretty when it is done. See, when I met Andy he drive a red Dodge Omni and I joked that my price drove up in a red Dodge Omni rather than riding up on a white horse. I wonder if he will paint it red. I was saying blue with those long white stripes (2 of them) extending the length of the car. Maybe he should go red with those white stripes.

Next is Andy's Geekfest (GF2K5). He & his friends have done a few of these at our house already. I think this is the 4th one here. It was supposed to be at someone else's house. They all would promise after each one that they will have it at their place next, but when it comes time to actually planning it, they are a bunch of pussies and can't ask their wives if a bunch of geeks with computer can come over and play video games all day & all night. So, here we are again - having it at our house. I am such a good wife. Usually what happens is there is a group of about 10 guys that come over with their computers, network them althogether, and start playing games around noon and end somewhere around 3am. I usually try to find something to do, but don't go to far away. You don't ever leave a group of guys alone for too long - you never know what kind of crazy ideas they will come up with.

The first year I went out to dinner with my neighbor Cindy for prime rib and a carafe of wine, then down to the City owned bar to get completly shit-faced and come back and embarass our husbands. That first year the guys had to bring their own food & we had a couple of crocks of stuff 9I think chili cheesse dip and sloppy joes). Don't let guys decide what they want to bring on their own, as they will have an abundance of chips & cheese & beer. What you have then is guys fighting between constipation and beer shits, not pretty! The 2nd year we assigned people stuff to bring. In theory this would have worked, but then some people cancelled at the last minute and they had some important stuff. That year I went out with my sister Steph, my friend Kate & her friend Cheryl to the muninical bar "muni" and then back here to play some pool and drink margaritas (mmmmmm!). The 3rd time I decided that the guys would give me money and I would make all of the food, which consisted of snacks, desserts and a complete taco bar. Now, that was a pain in the ass. Luckily, my mom & sister (well, I don't think Steph helped out much, I think she watched cartoons) helped chop veggies. We went shopping & out for dinner and then watched TV in the basement.

Now, this year, I am not sure what I will do. I think we are back to Plan 1 (we make a crock of something & you bring whatever you want). I have mentioned to my friends that I am looking to go out that evening (& day). So, I will have to check with them as the day gets closer.

The next link is Andy's website. Some of you may have noticed that his Blogger name is Mean Dr. Lily. His name is basically the same as my Local Jewish Ass. So, his birthday is next month and I bought the domain name and webspace as part of his birthday present and obviously he has already recieved it. He just started this website and is a bit of perfectionist, so the progress may be slow.

Ok - that's it.


Well, I had this old blog about my soap opera life that I have not blogged on in a log time that I finally deleted and now started a new one call Mmmmm.....Food........ I will put a link on the side bar for it.

Places to go

So - I am trying to decide where I want to go out to eat for my birthday. As I am looking I am starting to develop a list of places I want to go sometime (just not for my birthday). Some of these places I will have to go with friends, as Andy would not be interested in them.

* Mel's Beauty Bar (Mpls)
* Wild Mint Sushi Bar (Crystal)
* 13 Moons (Robbinsdale)
* St. Croix Music Cafe (Stillwater)
* Winzer Stube German Restaurant (Hudson, WI)
* Da Afghan (Bloomington)
* Little Tel Aviv Cafe & Restaurant (Minneapolis)
* La Bodega Tapas Bar (Minneapolis)
* El Azteca (Apple Valley)
* Rockin' Lobster (St. Paul)
* Spice Thai Cuisine (Savage)
* La Fougasse (Bloomington)
* Martini's (Mpls)

I am deciding between these places for my birthday: Da Afghan & La Fougasse. I think I am leaning towards Da Afghan.
These are all places in the Happenings Book, so there are BOGO free.
So, who wants to go where with me sometime?

Manicures & a Martini

I had never heard of Mell's Beauty Bar before. You pay $15 for a manicure or a chair massage and you get a drink with it. Sounds like fun little outing to do sometime. Plus you can stick around and eat a gourmet wood-fired pizza. I am so doing this sometime.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Philadelphia Trip in July

We are going to Philadelphia in mid-July for our friends', Kendra & Tim, ewdding vow renewal ceremony. They were married 5 eyars ago by their fathers (both are ministers) at Kendra's parents home and they had a reception afterward in which everyone in her family spent a lot of time making all the food.

So, this time they are going to have a ceremony & big party. It will be at the Sedgeley Club. We booked our planed tickets. We opted to fly Midwest Airlines mainly because when I went to visit them 2 years ago I flew that airline and really liked the seats and the warm chocolate cookies. Mmmmmm......

We have not booked our hotel yet. We were waiting to see where they decided to have the ceremony and reception before we made reservations. I have found this Philly Travel Site to be helpful.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Three Winners

So, Three Winners is like the Happenings Book. I have already been using quite a bit in the Happenins Book. I read about Three Winners in the paper yesterday. They have the same similar concept, but a different twist on it. The twist is that you either print the coupons from the internet (which you can do with Happenings if you buy the online membership) and/or you can pull up the coupon on your cell phone (as long as you have internet access on it) and then they will use your phone to verfiy the coupon and click the buttons so that you can't use it again. The other thing that is nice that the coupons are good for a year from the date you purchase -- where as the Happenings Book is good for a year based on when they printed the book (November-November). Although right now you can get the Happenings book for half price.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bad Blogger

I have been very neglectful of my blogging of recent. I have not been posting here much and have not been reading my other favorite blogs either. It's not just the blogging that has been neglected, I notice that my workout have diminished quite a bit (& then I complain about getting fat - sometimes I think I should have a kid just to have something to blame the fat on.)

I don't think I have many excuses to be so neglectful. I could blame it on TV. There is just so much I want to watch. I can't wait to see American Idol and who gets voted off tonight. Although because of the class I teach and then rushing off to play volleyball afterward on Wednesday nights, I never get to watch the breakdowns and all the tears. I have to scour the net and find a post someone put on a board to find out the results, because I can't wait until until American Idol updates their page. So, after watching the last 2 shows, this is who I think will get booted and not make it to the Top 12: Janay Castine, Mikalah Gordon, Anthony Fedorov, & Bo Bice. My prediction for the overall winner is Nadia Turner. Last year I said it would be Fantasia and I was right. Not that I have a particular talent in figuring out who will win American Idol.

I am so ready for our vacation. I don't want to wait another 2 weeks. I want to go tomorrow. It's been a tough week already. There was a kid that committed suicide this weekend and he was friends with several of the kids I work with. It's difficult working with people and grief and with the death is a suicide is 10 times more difficult. Ok - I am done talking about that just cause it just makes me feel sad and stressed that the same time.

So, this year it's been 10 years since I graduated from high school. Shit! I am getting old. Emails have been circulating about planning something. And we are trying to plan several events so that people can come & go to what works for them, and also being mindful that people have kids. Shit! People have kids. It's not like that just dawned on me. The kids have been there since right after graduation (in some cases - Shit! some classmates have 10 year olds). Wow! It just doesn't feel like I am getting that old. When I work with my kids at school I get feedback that they like talkinmg to me because I understand them and am not as old as their parents. Although manyt of the parents of these high schoolers are anywhere from 4 years older than me to 10+ years older. Sometimes the kids think I am younger than I am. Usually they think I am about 23 (how come the fat ass doesn't give it away that I am almost 30 - well, I should not get ahead of myself, I am only turning 28.) It should be interesting to see what gets planned, as when the 5 year was planned, we had to plan it so there were options regarding what people what to do and how much they wanted to spend. I graduated with a class that could not decide on a class color (it was Rainbow - yes, I am serious) because no one could get along enough (so many opinionated people in our class of about 40) to actually decide on anything. Our fucking graduation looked liked a damn gay pride festival. I guess the actual events are not what I will be surprised at, it's who will attend. The people that attended were the ones that were expected to attend and there were a few people who surprised us. The people who didn't come, well, I tend to think that maybe they just weren't ready after 5 years to see their classmates again. Hopefully that is different this time around. Hopefully, everyone is grown up enough to accept people for who they are.

I've seen classmates periodically throughout the years. At weddings, at a local bar when I go home for a weekend, or married into my family. But there are some people I have not seen since graduation. Ok - enough of that rant.

"Oooohhhhh, do do do do doooooo....Hey, Get You Car Washed Today, Get You Car Washed Today!" Sing it Christina! I started using Andy's old MP3 player and I just love it. Although I think I may have to get an iPod, as this just doesn't hold enough songs.

So, my birthday is next week. For some reason I am excited about my birthday this year. I am not sure why. Usually I am not. I had some bad birthday experiences and got a distaste in my mouth for them, but the past few years they have been pretty cool, so I think I have just changed my mind. The plan for my birthday this year is to head to the Cities and go out to dinner (I think I will pick something Andy would never want to go to otherwise - I am thinking Thai or Indian) and then to ACME Comedy Club (some friends that live in the Cities are joining us) and then we got a hotel room. Andy has to work the next day and I am going to a 3 day conference in Bloomington, so this just seems to make sense. The cats will have to make do without us for a night. So, I am excited because it should be fun.

So, next week Wednesday through Friday I am going to a conference. There are so many good topics I am interested in. The problem is choosing just which ones I want to go to more. The evening events look fun too, although I play volleyball on Wednesday night so that is out. And then Thursday Jessi is going to join me at the events and I'll go crash at her place that evening (rather than driving back so late and having to drive back again early in the morning.)

Ok - this is a freaking long post. Guess that is what happens when I become neglectful.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Birthday Freebies

Hey - my birthday is coming up and I want some free stuff. Actually I was just looking for a bunch of stuff to do and don't want to pay a lot of money. So, I thought I would post my findings since i worked hard at them. But I guess you really need to be living in the Twin Cities area to take advantage of these first ones, but I have a bunch of others listed as well.

Wild Onion in St. Paul -- TONS of freebies for the day of your birthday or on the Tuesday or Wednesday of your birthday week. Free meals, pictures, t-shirts, drinks, wings, etc.

ACME Comedy Club in Mpls -- Free admission for you & 5 guests

Chanhassen Dinner Theater in Chanhassen -- You get a $15 off coupon for your birthday, but sign up for their email club and they will email you other promotions as well

List of Lots of Places with Birthday Freebies (some of them I have blogged about or have links below)

Applebees (pretty much all locations) gives you a free dessert, locally it has been a sundae in a mug.

Famous Dave's (multiple locations, must see if your locations participates, which you can do online) Pig Club

Fuddrucker's - sign up for their email club here, looks likes you get a free burger for your birthday

Timberlodge Steakhouse - I believe we did this last year. Sign up on their website and they will email you a coupon. I think it was a BOGO Free meal.

Steak and Ale - They have sent us $5 off coupons for birthday and anniversary.

Red Lobster - has a Overboard Club - says they will be sending you something special for your birthday.

TGI Friday's - Join their e-Club and get a free appetizer, this comes in your email right away.

Tony Roma's - Sign Up for their Roma Rib Expert. They ask for your birthday, so we'll see what I get.

Hollywood Video - Free Rental

Papa Murphy's - says you get a Special Birthday Gift

I might not have to cook for the entire month. If I find more I will post them, but right now Andy just made breakfast and I am hungry (mmmm.....French Toast......mmmmm!)

This doesn't really have much to do with birthday freebies, but I stubbled across it and it's a
keeper: Thirfty Hipster

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tan in a Can, Death, Birthdays, Snow, Karaoke Star

Wow! It has been a long time since I blogged. What a title that is -- isn't it? Maybe I will just address them in that order.

Tan in a Can: So, I was reading in one of my magazines (I subscribe to A LOT) about a review for the new sunless tanning sprays, specifically aerosol mists. I went to Target to see what they had and they had the Neutrogena Micro-Mist. I bought a can and tried it out. I have tried lots of different brands of sunless tanning and I have to say this is now - by far - my favorite. Here's why I like it: you spray it on and in 5-6 minutes you are dry and dress and are on your way, it goes on very easy, you only need to use your hands to rub it on your face, it looks more consistent (almost too consistent), you don't have any ugly finger nails from having it get in your cuticles, it doesn't take long, and BEST OF ALL -- it does not rub off on your clothes. You know how some rub off, this hasn't. I have worn white socks, underware, & bra and they are all still white. I used the version that is 2 shades darker, there is also 3 shades darker. I think I look much better with tanned skin. I was getting pretty pasty. The only down fall is that when you use it on the weekend and come back on a Monday, people tend to notice you are tan and not ghostly white. But if I keep it up, it should be fine. One can lasted for 3 applications.

Death: It's been a tough last week. We just got 2 new kids in the program, both with dads who died drawn out complicated deaths within the last 2 years and these kids never dealt with the grief and it is really interfereing with their lives. Another kid's dad died last week & we took a group of kids with us to the funeral (talk about working on social skills -- so important!) and we have another kid, whose dad is very sick and dying. People just expect that a therapist is just going to "snap" these kids out of it -- which is extremly frustrating, because I have nothing to do with it. Grieving is an extremely personal thing and it can take some people a veeerrrryyyy long time. I am merely there to offer guidance & support as they work through the stages of grief. But there has just been so many kids struggling with grief put in our program that it can get a little overwhelming. That's all I'm saying.

Birthdays: The first 5 months of a the year has a lot of birthdays, at least for me. My parents just had birthdays -- just turning 49. One of my grandpas had a birthday -- turned 78. My birthday is around the corner -- almost the big 28. My youngest sister is nearing 22. Andy will turn 29 a month after me (next year he will be the BIG 3-0!), my other sister will be turning 24, my grandma has a birthday coming up too. It's like it's not enough that I go broke from Christmas, but then to be followed by all these birthdays. Can we say -- poor?

Snow: I am just sick of it. Can we be done with winter? I know that our part of MN did not even get half what we got last year & what we really sould have gotten (although I think Duluth made up for our lacking in snow.) I am sick of the cold, the wind, the ice, & the snow. And out Costa Rica trip is still 23 days away. Damn it!

Karaoke Star: Ok - I am not exactly a star and I will never try out for American Idol (especially since I am almost too old for it anyways.) I recently got the first volume of Karaoke Revolution. I still like volume 3 better, but I needed some new songs to sing. Volume 2 looks good and I want it too. I am cheap, so I don't really want to pay much for it, certainly not what it is selling for on eBay. People are paying new prices for a used product. I just pre-ordered it on, so we'll see. But anyways -- the last couple weekends have involved Karoke Revolution (actually I think it may have been the last 3 weekends) and this weekend will not exception. I am hosting a work happy hour (yes, therapists & psychiatrists can get down and let loose -- although, take that back I have yet to see one of the psychiatrists come to a happy hour -- but therapists -- they can get crazy.) So, Karaoke Revolution is on the docket, as well as Dance Dance Revolution. My supervisor, who is 50, recently bought DDR and loves it. I think she will completly put me to shame with it, as I am not very coordinated when it comes with organized dance steps.

Ok - time for a nap before the next person comes over to pickup stuff. I got rid of stuff (A BUNCH!) on Freecycle and 2 people came last night, another person came right when I got home and I know there is 1-2 more people stopping by to get stuff tonight. Then most of it will be gone.