Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Countdown Begins

I am getting so excited! I have refrained for quite a while from looking at the places we are staying in Costa Rica, but that's all done. I am looking now. I just love the first place (Hotelito Si Si Si ). I know we are going to love it there. I know this not because it looks fantastic, but one of the Innkeepers, Joan Inman, has been absolutly wonderful. We have been corresponding over the past few months and she has just been a delight. She repsonds to my emails within 24 hours and answers all of my questions and has been very accomodating. Plus they have internet access there, so I can keep my blog updated as to what is happening. People say that you should leave cell phones and computers behind when you vacation so that you can relax, but I have found that if I an't check my email I get stressed. The first time we went to Costa Rica we checked email twice and I remember feelings such a sense of calmness after checking my email. It is just a necessary part of my life. I've actually paid for all 4 nights here already. They take paypal, which is ever-so-convenient.

Our next 3 nights is at the Hotel Aurora Inn. I have to go get some cash out to pay for this place. It's $39/night (taxes included). What a deal! This place will be more of adventure, as we have not seen pics of the inside of the room. I had emailed to guy about getting pics,but he said they had someone make their website. They are definitly not as technology inclined as the first place. The pool looks nice enough. I have a feeling that some of the pictures of the view are not going to be as close as they appear, so with that in mind I don't think I will be disappointed. The thing I am afraid of is that the beds at this place are a Double. Most privately owned small hotels & B&B's in Costa Rica have double beds. We can fit in a double, but we are so used to our king that even a queen can be cramped (I usually get kicked, as Andy likes to spread his legs out, and he's a big guy {6'4} and has a lot of length.)

These 3 nights/days should be an adventure as we have not been to the volcano & rain forest areas before. And as we look at properties that we might be interested in purchasing in the future, we are more drawn to the area around Lake Arenal. I don't see us purchasing anything soon, but hopefully someday.

Our last night is at a Best Western Casino (El Sitio Hotel & Casino) in Liberia. They have live entertainment & a cocktail lounge, so I am sure we will enjoy our last evening in Costa Rica.

All 3 places we are staying at have outdoor pools, which was a must. The weather is just so great there that we want to be sitting outside. I don't care as much about being on a beach because I don't need to swim in the ocean as much, I just need a convenient place to get in the water when I am starting to get warm. The other cool thing about all 3 places is that we have breakfasts included in the rates, which is always nice because then that saves on the food costs, and they always have lots of fresh local fruit, local coffee, and other yummy food.

Right now, as I type this the weather is:
Liberia: 88 degrees (Where we will fly into and spend our 8th night)
San Jose: 82 degrees (which is further south than we will be)
Tamarindo: 82 degrees (where out first 4 nights are)

I can't find a temp for near Lake Arenal. I think the temp there is dependant on the wind level, because the more wind the cooler it is because the lake will cool the air.

We rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car. We reserved an Intermediate Car, which they say is a Nissan Sentra or similar.

Right now the Exchange Rate 1 Dollar = 467 Colon. This is over 100 colones more than when we were there in 2002. Excellent! Such a great rate. Although, a lot of places what dollars rather than colones because of the value.

Yeah! This should be fun.

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