Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bad Blogger

I have been very neglectful of my blogging of recent. I have not been posting here much and have not been reading my other favorite blogs either. It's not just the blogging that has been neglected, I notice that my workout have diminished quite a bit (& then I complain about getting fat - sometimes I think I should have a kid just to have something to blame the fat on.)

I don't think I have many excuses to be so neglectful. I could blame it on TV. There is just so much I want to watch. I can't wait to see American Idol and who gets voted off tonight. Although because of the class I teach and then rushing off to play volleyball afterward on Wednesday nights, I never get to watch the breakdowns and all the tears. I have to scour the net and find a post someone put on a board to find out the results, because I can't wait until until American Idol updates their page. So, after watching the last 2 shows, this is who I think will get booted and not make it to the Top 12: Janay Castine, Mikalah Gordon, Anthony Fedorov, & Bo Bice. My prediction for the overall winner is Nadia Turner. Last year I said it would be Fantasia and I was right. Not that I have a particular talent in figuring out who will win American Idol.

I am so ready for our vacation. I don't want to wait another 2 weeks. I want to go tomorrow. It's been a tough week already. There was a kid that committed suicide this weekend and he was friends with several of the kids I work with. It's difficult working with people and grief and with the death is a suicide is 10 times more difficult. Ok - I am done talking about that just cause it just makes me feel sad and stressed that the same time.

So, this year it's been 10 years since I graduated from high school. Shit! I am getting old. Emails have been circulating about planning something. And we are trying to plan several events so that people can come & go to what works for them, and also being mindful that people have kids. Shit! People have kids. It's not like that just dawned on me. The kids have been there since right after graduation (in some cases - Shit! some classmates have 10 year olds). Wow! It just doesn't feel like I am getting that old. When I work with my kids at school I get feedback that they like talkinmg to me because I understand them and am not as old as their parents. Although manyt of the parents of these high schoolers are anywhere from 4 years older than me to 10+ years older. Sometimes the kids think I am younger than I am. Usually they think I am about 23 (how come the fat ass doesn't give it away that I am almost 30 - well, I should not get ahead of myself, I am only turning 28.) It should be interesting to see what gets planned, as when the 5 year was planned, we had to plan it so there were options regarding what people what to do and how much they wanted to spend. I graduated with a class that could not decide on a class color (it was Rainbow - yes, I am serious) because no one could get along enough (so many opinionated people in our class of about 40) to actually decide on anything. Our fucking graduation looked liked a damn gay pride festival. I guess the actual events are not what I will be surprised at, it's who will attend. The people that attended were the ones that were expected to attend and there were a few people who surprised us. The people who didn't come, well, I tend to think that maybe they just weren't ready after 5 years to see their classmates again. Hopefully that is different this time around. Hopefully, everyone is grown up enough to accept people for who they are.

I've seen classmates periodically throughout the years. At weddings, at a local bar when I go home for a weekend, or married into my family. But there are some people I have not seen since graduation. Ok - enough of that rant.

"Oooohhhhh, do do do do doooooo....Hey, Get You Car Washed Today, Get You Car Washed Today!" Sing it Christina! I started using Andy's old MP3 player and I just love it. Although I think I may have to get an iPod, as this just doesn't hold enough songs.

So, my birthday is next week. For some reason I am excited about my birthday this year. I am not sure why. Usually I am not. I had some bad birthday experiences and got a distaste in my mouth for them, but the past few years they have been pretty cool, so I think I have just changed my mind. The plan for my birthday this year is to head to the Cities and go out to dinner (I think I will pick something Andy would never want to go to otherwise - I am thinking Thai or Indian) and then to ACME Comedy Club (some friends that live in the Cities are joining us) and then we got a hotel room. Andy has to work the next day and I am going to a 3 day conference in Bloomington, so this just seems to make sense. The cats will have to make do without us for a night. So, I am excited because it should be fun.

So, next week Wednesday through Friday I am going to a conference. There are so many good topics I am interested in. The problem is choosing just which ones I want to go to more. The evening events look fun too, although I play volleyball on Wednesday night so that is out. And then Thursday Jessi is going to join me at the events and I'll go crash at her place that evening (rather than driving back so late and having to drive back again early in the morning.)

Ok - this is a freaking long post. Guess that is what happens when I become neglectful.


Meow said...

What city are you going to? Perhaps I can make a restaurant recommendation.......
Happy Birthday BTW

Lame Shrill Owl said...

The hotel is in Bloomington, the comedy club is in Mpls. I was thinking of these:
Jewel of India in Mpls