Sunday, March 13, 2005

Links to my Special Someone

You know - Andy has some presence out there on the worldwide web. I thought I would highlight some of them.

First is his Ulgly Omni Project. He is keeping a blog about it. I booked marked it on the side. You can see the pictures of the car sitting in my garage. He says it will be pretty when it is done. See, when I met Andy he drive a red Dodge Omni and I joked that my price drove up in a red Dodge Omni rather than riding up on a white horse. I wonder if he will paint it red. I was saying blue with those long white stripes (2 of them) extending the length of the car. Maybe he should go red with those white stripes.

Next is Andy's Geekfest (GF2K5). He & his friends have done a few of these at our house already. I think this is the 4th one here. It was supposed to be at someone else's house. They all would promise after each one that they will have it at their place next, but when it comes time to actually planning it, they are a bunch of pussies and can't ask their wives if a bunch of geeks with computer can come over and play video games all day & all night. So, here we are again - having it at our house. I am such a good wife. Usually what happens is there is a group of about 10 guys that come over with their computers, network them althogether, and start playing games around noon and end somewhere around 3am. I usually try to find something to do, but don't go to far away. You don't ever leave a group of guys alone for too long - you never know what kind of crazy ideas they will come up with.

The first year I went out to dinner with my neighbor Cindy for prime rib and a carafe of wine, then down to the City owned bar to get completly shit-faced and come back and embarass our husbands. That first year the guys had to bring their own food & we had a couple of crocks of stuff 9I think chili cheesse dip and sloppy joes). Don't let guys decide what they want to bring on their own, as they will have an abundance of chips & cheese & beer. What you have then is guys fighting between constipation and beer shits, not pretty! The 2nd year we assigned people stuff to bring. In theory this would have worked, but then some people cancelled at the last minute and they had some important stuff. That year I went out with my sister Steph, my friend Kate & her friend Cheryl to the muninical bar "muni" and then back here to play some pool and drink margaritas (mmmmmm!). The 3rd time I decided that the guys would give me money and I would make all of the food, which consisted of snacks, desserts and a complete taco bar. Now, that was a pain in the ass. Luckily, my mom & sister (well, I don't think Steph helped out much, I think she watched cartoons) helped chop veggies. We went shopping & out for dinner and then watched TV in the basement.

Now, this year, I am not sure what I will do. I think we are back to Plan 1 (we make a crock of something & you bring whatever you want). I have mentioned to my friends that I am looking to go out that evening (& day). So, I will have to check with them as the day gets closer.

The next link is Andy's website. Some of you may have noticed that his Blogger name is Mean Dr. Lily. His name is basically the same as my Local Jewish Ass. So, his birthday is next month and I bought the domain name and webspace as part of his birthday present and obviously he has already recieved it. He just started this website and is a bit of perfectionist, so the progress may be slow.

Ok - that's it.


Alison said...

Feliz Cumpleanos. I think I spelled that right. Anyway...Happy Birthday!

Lame Shrill Owl said...

thank you