Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Last leg of the trip

You know - my last post ended up on here 3 times. I just don´t know if it will make it on there or not. I really did not think it would, but what do you know - there it was. Blogger doesn´t seem to like Costa Rica so much.

So, now we are in our last 2 nights of an 8 night trip. We made our way back up to Liberia (where our airposrt is) and checked into the Best Western and will be staying here 1 nights instead of 2. The weather is hot and dry. It was more humid at the coast. By the volcano it was nice, perfect temperature at night and day. In the rainforest it was on the brisk side (compared to the rest of the country) and was a bit nippy at night. I normally don´t have allergy issues, but when we were by the volcanoes and rainforest areas I had some major issues. There must be some plants in the more vegetative area that just don´t agree with me. So, I am glad to be back where things are drier (actually in some places it is so dry that there are fires - on our way here today there was a tree that had fallen down because the trunk burned and it was blocking the road).

Have I mentioned that the keyboards here are frustrating. Bah!

So, I looked up to see who was voted off American Idol and am glad to see Miklah is gone. I had to look up info about Terry Schivo as well. I can´t believe she is still living. I thought we couldn´t live that long without water.

I´ve got some color, but not too much as we weren´t really in the sun too much. We were either in a car or inside (´cuz it gets too damn hot!). But I laid out for about 1.5 hours today. My fair skin cannot take much more than that.

We´ve had some pretty good food and seen some beautiful views. I don´t think we´ll be moving here, as the roads are just awful to navigate.

Time to get off now, as my time is off. I can´t wait to get home and use the internet as much as I want without having to sell my first born to pay for it.

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