Friday, March 18, 2005

12-14 & Still Counting

We're between 12-14 inches of snow at our place........within 30-40 minutes away they are at 16.5 inches (in Rochester & Albert Lea), and it's still coming down. Andy is glad that we didn't sell the truck & plow like we were planning. It would be a bitch to shovel our yard. Actually, if we had to shovel our driveway, I think we might just stay locked up in our place until it melted. I have enough food in the pantry, shelves, fridge, & freezers that I don't think we would have to leave for quite some time.

So, we'll see what the final total is tomorrow. Looks like my in-laws (northern suburbs of the Cities) got about 2 inches.

You should see our stupid dog. She just loves the snow, but it's up past her belly. But she just runs around in it and rolls in it. She gets even more retarded around snow. It's funny.....she hates water and generally refuses to go out in the rain and hides on the other side of the house if we are washing our cars or watering the lawn or gardens.

Maybe I'll get out there and take a picture of the snow, just so you can see how much there is. It's just amazing.

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