Friday, March 11, 2005

Three Winners

So, Three Winners is like the Happenings Book. I have already been using quite a bit in the Happenins Book. I read about Three Winners in the paper yesterday. They have the same similar concept, but a different twist on it. The twist is that you either print the coupons from the internet (which you can do with Happenings if you buy the online membership) and/or you can pull up the coupon on your cell phone (as long as you have internet access on it) and then they will use your phone to verfiy the coupon and click the buttons so that you can't use it again. The other thing that is nice that the coupons are good for a year from the date you purchase -- where as the Happenings Book is good for a year based on when they printed the book (November-November). Although right now you can get the Happenings book for half price.

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