Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Trip Update

Am at an internet cafe right now. Thankfully people realize that I am vacation and are not sending me a lot of emails. We spent 4 nights at Hotelito Sisisi and it was nice & HOT. And by hot I mean 95 to 97 degrees each day. So, I got some sun, but between 12 and 4 pm it´s almost to hot to be out. I spent sometime in the ocean every day `jumping waves´. Andy lost his prescription sunglasses the last day, so now he just has his regular glasses and has to tolerate the sun. Damn ocean sweeping away things.

Today we are in Santa Elena - Monteverde [their keyboards here are weird] and it is raining outside. I guess that is what you get when you are in the rainforest.

Yesterday we took a `3 Hour Tour´, well, it was supposed to take about 3 hours to get to our location by Arenal, but we got pulled over by the cops [Andy was speeding] and had to pay them $20 to not give us a ticket, and then got lost (they just don´t have names for roads and sometimes road signs are scarce) and then the roads themselves are awful. Potholes EVERYWHERE on paved roads, and then there are `rock´roads and dirt roads. We have picstures of everything that we will put on Andy´s website when we get back.

Saw a couple of volcanos (not the ones we were intending to see, as we too some wrong roads). The hotel we stayed at last night was less than desirable. The view was fantastic, the food was questionable, the beds were awful and the room smelled of mold, and the owners themselves seemed questionable. It was very much an American joint (I use the word joint purposefully). But it was cheap and somewhat clean and had hot showers.

We are about to go find some food and a hotel for tonight, as we were supposed to stay at the ´joint´for 2 more nights. Now we are winging it. Lots of other stuff to tell you about, but I should go and hopefully blogger actually uploads this.

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