Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tan in a Can, Death, Birthdays, Snow, Karaoke Star

Wow! It has been a long time since I blogged. What a title that is -- isn't it? Maybe I will just address them in that order.

Tan in a Can: So, I was reading in one of my magazines (I subscribe to A LOT) about a review for the new sunless tanning sprays, specifically aerosol mists. I went to Target to see what they had and they had the Neutrogena Micro-Mist. I bought a can and tried it out. I have tried lots of different brands of sunless tanning and I have to say this is now - by far - my favorite. Here's why I like it: you spray it on and in 5-6 minutes you are dry and dress and are on your way, it goes on very easy, you only need to use your hands to rub it on your face, it looks more consistent (almost too consistent), you don't have any ugly finger nails from having it get in your cuticles, it doesn't take long, and BEST OF ALL -- it does not rub off on your clothes. You know how some rub off, this hasn't. I have worn white socks, underware, & bra and they are all still white. I used the version that is 2 shades darker, there is also 3 shades darker. I think I look much better with tanned skin. I was getting pretty pasty. The only down fall is that when you use it on the weekend and come back on a Monday, people tend to notice you are tan and not ghostly white. But if I keep it up, it should be fine. One can lasted for 3 applications.

Death: It's been a tough last week. We just got 2 new kids in the program, both with dads who died drawn out complicated deaths within the last 2 years and these kids never dealt with the grief and it is really interfereing with their lives. Another kid's dad died last week & we took a group of kids with us to the funeral (talk about working on social skills -- so important!) and we have another kid, whose dad is very sick and dying. People just expect that a therapist is just going to "snap" these kids out of it -- which is extremly frustrating, because I have nothing to do with it. Grieving is an extremely personal thing and it can take some people a veeerrrryyyy long time. I am merely there to offer guidance & support as they work through the stages of grief. But there has just been so many kids struggling with grief put in our program that it can get a little overwhelming. That's all I'm saying.

Birthdays: The first 5 months of a the year has a lot of birthdays, at least for me. My parents just had birthdays -- just turning 49. One of my grandpas had a birthday -- turned 78. My birthday is around the corner -- almost the big 28. My youngest sister is nearing 22. Andy will turn 29 a month after me (next year he will be the BIG 3-0!), my other sister will be turning 24, my grandma has a birthday coming up too. It's like it's not enough that I go broke from Christmas, but then to be followed by all these birthdays. Can we say -- poor?

Snow: I am just sick of it. Can we be done with winter? I know that our part of MN did not even get half what we got last year & what we really sould have gotten (although I think Duluth made up for our lacking in snow.) I am sick of the cold, the wind, the ice, & the snow. And out Costa Rica trip is still 23 days away. Damn it!

Karaoke Star: Ok - I am not exactly a star and I will never try out for American Idol (especially since I am almost too old for it anyways.) I recently got the first volume of Karaoke Revolution. I still like volume 3 better, but I needed some new songs to sing. Volume 2 looks good and I want it too. I am cheap, so I don't really want to pay much for it, certainly not what it is selling for on eBay. People are paying new prices for a used product. I just pre-ordered it on half.com, so we'll see. But anyways -- the last couple weekends have involved Karoke Revolution (actually I think it may have been the last 3 weekends) and this weekend will not exception. I am hosting a work happy hour (yes, therapists & psychiatrists can get down and let loose -- although, take that back I have yet to see one of the psychiatrists come to a happy hour -- but therapists -- they can get crazy.) So, Karaoke Revolution is on the docket, as well as Dance Dance Revolution. My supervisor, who is 50, recently bought DDR and loves it. I think she will completly put me to shame with it, as I am not very coordinated when it comes with organized dance steps.

Ok - time for a nap before the next person comes over to pickup stuff. I got rid of stuff (A BUNCH!) on Freecycle and 2 people came last night, another person came right when I got home and I know there is 1-2 more people stopping by to get stuff tonight. Then most of it will be gone.

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