Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Weekend (so far!)

Friday: Stayed home and watched TV & movies, bought some Arby's.

Saturday: RAIN! Went to the Farmer's Market while it was only sprinkling & bought some bread, eggs, rolls, & spinach; Went to work out (sweat like a pig!); Did some grocery chopping (the place is remodeling & raised prices on stuff - bah!); Did the usual Weekend Cleaning (floors, laundry, dishes - which will also continue to Sunday); Went shopping to return clothes Andy bought online to JC Penney (returned half of them) and bought some more; went to Best Buy and had a shopping spree (spent WAY TOO MUCH money - but it will be well worth it - we bought a dishwasher {the commercial one we have has been on the fritz, this one has a cool rack system, and we'll have to build up a cabinet around it}, washer {OH! We so needed this, the current one squels and spits out water from below. I think it's 20 years old. Was bought in the 80's. Time to lay it to rest. I broke down and bought the front loader. This is the largest Cu Ft. in a washer that they carry.}, and an over-the-range microwave (really, what I needed was a vent and light over the range, but it basically was going to cost the same to get it all in a microwave and now we have a cool new microwave with sensor features and we free up some counter top space.) The links are to the exact ones we bought. The joys of home ownership - spending more money on applicances. So, we spent A LOT more money than we had planned to, but we got the items that we REALLY wanted and can be happy with our appliances. We went cheaper with the stove and fridge, but at that time we didn't have much of a choice. I think the only appliance we have not replaced since living here would be the dryer & water heater. In addition to the above mentioned, we had also bought a water softener.
Then we went to eat at the place called Bobby Joe's Pub. I think I will pass on it. It was not stellar food or service. Then came home and watched movies.

Sunday - So far, just more cleaning & TV watching. Hopefully we finish the landscaping today (if the weather holds out).


Sunday - ok, stuff above and also finished the landscaping in the backyard (putting in dirt & plant bulbs, seeds, and some annual plants). I need to buy cedar bark mulch to put over it all (at least the flower garden part of it.) the new landscaped garden is split up into 3 areas: flower garden (largest part), strawberry patch, & herb garden. I'll post a pic after I get the mulch down.

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