Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend Re-Cap

Friday: Last day of PIM&FC class. Shopping for some new clothes (got it into my head that I wanted a few things really bad!). Washing clothes (I love the new machine!). Watching TV. Reading a book "Can You Keep a Secret."

Saturday: Class (bah!), grocery shopping, lawn mowing (haven't done this on the rider since high school when my family made fun of me for snagging the porch- very traumatic experience for me - seriously!), out to dinner with the girls, drinks at my place, then walk to the street dance. The street dance was so much fun. We drank and were merry. In my little town, people actually get out & dance, so it's fun. The band played songs from the 80's, 90's, & today. At one point I was dancing to Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes) (Check out the mis-heard lyrics for this song - funny!) Anyways, I was dancing in a way on the ground that my heels were at my butt and I was horizontal. And this guitarist (who makes really funny faces when he sings and was wearing awful B&W striped skin-tight pants) points me out and says something in the mic about how I can really dance or something. Well, while he's doing this I am freaked and can't get up very fast (man, I'm getting old, but I was really down.) Anyways, when they finished playing he came up and complimented me on my dancing and I was like "I got recognized! Yes, many beverages were consumed that night. Then we (the girls & I) came back to my place, ate leftovers and sang some karaoke. Fun stuff.

Sunday: Got up late. Watched TV. Finished reading my book (above). Ate food. Slept. Man - how sad.....I couldn't even fill up a whole line for one day.

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