Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Perfect Man

I went with my girlfriend Alicia to see The Perfect Man this afternoon. It was nice 'cuz the theater was all nice and cool and we were the only people in that screen. Very cool. We could talk outloud and make fun all we wanted and not disturb anyone. We knew we were safe seeing this movie since it is a chick flick, the husbands would be more than happy to not have to see that with us. It was more on the side of the teeny-bopper chick flick and it didn't get into the adults hooking up until the very end. And no tears were shed. Some chick flicks you leave and you just feel all good and happy with the world, this just left me feeling just ok. Maybe it was all our synical comments during the show that ruined it for me.


Alison said...

Was the movie awful? I heard a review that it was basically an hour long tv show with a singing scene to drag it out.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

It was cute, but I would wait to rent it. Not really worth the ticket cost to see it.