Friday, June 24, 2005

Good 'Ole Fashioned Lemonade Stand

So, I'm going to these rummage sales. And about half of them have food for sale too. One old lady has this HUGE pot of coffee, you know the kind you see at church halls, and a sign that says "Free Cup of Coffee w/ Any Purchase". It's flipping 80-some degrees out and humid as heck. Who wants coffee? But she also has rolls (to buy) to go with. There are also places with coolers of pop for 50 cents a can and then hot dogs sitting in a slower cooker (for 50 cents too!), so for $1.00 you can eat your lunch at a rummage sale.

But the ones I think are cute are the Good 'Ole Fashioned Lemonade Stands manned by 5-year old girls. So very cute! I bought a glass for 25 cents at one of them. This little girl had to be about 6 and had a sister a couple years younger. The sign for her lemonade stand was in her handwriting and said "Lemondae only 25 cents. It is the best lemonade in the whole (which originally was "hole" and she crossed it out and wrote out the correct word) lemonade world" Who knew there was a lemonade world? I guess I learned something today.

So, I walked up to this rummage sale and told the little girl I would buy a glass. She says to her little sister "A real adult finally bought from us!" I guess there must have been a lot of fake adults buying from her. As I was walking around looking at the tables of stuff I hear her yell back to her mom "WE HAVE TWO WHOLE DOLLARS NOW!" The mom of this little girl leans over to her own friend and says, "her brothers bought $1.50 from her, they keep using their allowance to buy more lemonade, they are keeping her in business" So, I guess that means 6 glasses of lemonade to her brothers, 1 glass to me, and 1 glass to a fake adult. Hmmmmmm!

As I hit the rest of sales tomorrow I think I'll buy some more lemonade. It's very cute to see how excited these little girls get. Maybe it will encourage them to be powerful business women some day.

You know - we've lived here for 4 years and when we moved down here it was the first time I ever saw a lemonade stand. I only ever saw them before in commercials, tv shows, and movies. They really do exist!

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Alison said...

You know what I used to do instead of lemonade stands? Office supply stands. I would raid my dad's office supplies for his plumbing business (pencils, pens, receipt books, notepads) and sell them. Until my dad found out. Then I had to shut down the operation.