Friday, June 24, 2005

City-Wide Rummage Sales

Every year during "Straight River Days" in our little town there is a city-wide garage sale. People pay $5 to be on the garage sale map and the sales go on Fri, Sat & Sun. Some of the sales are only 2 of the days. There are 49 on the map, plus there are always plenty of other people having them that don't want to pay the $5. So, far today I have spent just under $11 and went to 23 on the map and 12 that are NOT on the map. There are some that are supposed to be open today and just haven't opened. It's always a lot of fun. Although my feet are getting tired. I came home to grab some lunch, watch some soaps, unload, and rest my feet. I was out for about 3 hours already, time to get going.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

I'm cheap - so I have gotten a lot for $11. The rummage sales here are nice because a lot have things for 25 and 10 cents. I hate going to ones that charge almost new prices.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Went to 5 more (2 on map, 3 not on map, for a tptal of 40 rummage sales in one day. Still have 24 more on the map to go tomorrow.