Friday, June 24, 2005

Bush is the Devil

This happened a little over a week ago. It's pretty scary, as this guy graduated from highschool a couple years before me. This happened in the little toen in WI that I grew up in. Apparently it was George Bush (who is the devil) who made him kill his mom, nephew & dog. Very Scary.

Here are a couple of other links that may contain some other info:

"He's got a bunch of us possessed in here. He really does. He kills a lot of people."

‘‘There certainly might be mental health issues.’’ Ahhhh, HELLO! You Think!

Hammersley killed the two with a 20-gauge shotgun

And the list goes on and on of places that have this story........


Mean Dr. Lily said...

Note: the second link no longer leads to the same story.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Bah!I had just posted this before I left to go rummaging. They must have just updated it.

Alison said...

Why is every word in the first article capitalized? I don't really like Bush either, but I don't think I would blame killing people on him. Could be because I wouldn't kill anyone.