Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ode to Small Kitchen Appliances

Oh! How I love my rice cooker and egg cooker! Not only for the convenience factor (adding just water to the one ingredient, walking away, and presto! It stops cooking when it's done and the food is perfect!)

And by perfect - I mean it! How often can you really make the sticky rice (that you get with your Chinese food) on your own on the stove top or in the microwave. Never. Now how many times do you burn the rice on the stove top trying? Quite often. With the rice cooker - there is no more crappy rice. It's perfect every time. And for those that want to be resourceful, use the steamer tray (mine came with one) and make steamed veggies at the same time. Perfect I say!

Now - the egg cooker. I have to say - this is fabulous! I had this problem where I would walk away from the boiling water and forget about my eggs and then BAM! they explode all over the kitchen. And man! Did they stink!

But with my egg cooker, I put in the water and the insert I want to use and poof! I have perfectly boiled eggs or poached eggs. What's the best feature is this tiny pin prick area that you use on each egg, which allows them to fill with steam & not explode. But what's great it that the steam inside makes it so the eggs peel perfectly everytime. None of this picking of hundreds of little broken pieces of egg shells. It comes of in 1-2 pieces every time.

Oh! How I love my small kitchen appliances. And what even better is they clean up so easily. Wonderful.

I would like my rotisserie better 'cuz it cooks perfect every time, but it's so big and takes up so much cupboard space and the clean up is not at all fun. But I suppose if I use my rotisserie and rice cooker w/ steamer insert, I would have a perfect meal and don't have to slave over the stove.

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