Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cool New Phone

I wish I could say we got them for free, but once they have you as a customer they certainly don't want to give you anything else for free, you gotta pay for stuff.

And I don't want to change service. We have T-Mobile and we have been happy with their coverage & how it keeps expanding, so we stay with them.

So, we got a picture phone. But you gotta be careful about how you use it 'cuz they are going to get extra charges on there for you if you don't figure it out. Our plan has unlimited picture/video messaging, but not texts (those cost extra.) So, we can send a pic to an email (as long as we do not include any text) and it's part of the plan, but once someone replies to that pic message it sends me a text. So, basically I should just send the pics to my email and then forward them on -- or just send them to Andy who knows what's what. But get this - if I send a pic msg. to his phone it just sends him a text to go to their website and check out the pic & then charges me for a text message.

They are going to nickle and dime me all the way - aren't they.

But I do like that it's a small, little flip phone.

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