Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Daughter's Hair

My daughter desperately needed a haircut, but paying for one was not at the top of my budget. It was getting too long and becoming more & more snarly. This was her third haircut and I decided to try doing it myself and I think I did a decent job. She just has a very basic, straight cut. I ended up taking about 2 1/2 inches off.

I made some more bows for her hair. I really liked how these turned out. I wanted to make the red & white one so she could wear it to preschool for her Valentine's party. They were simple to make, although I made the red & white one first and have the bottom flower flipped, which I did on purpose because I liked how the ribbon & lace on that one looked better flipped. I got the idea from Craft eNVy.

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