Sunday, May 09, 2010

Yummy Food

The other day I was all into making homemade foods. I decided to try making some Artisan Bread. The recipe I am using the book Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day and made the basic recipe that makes 4 1-pound recipes. The cool thing is there is no kneading and the dough lasts 14 days and it only takes 5 minutes of actual work each time to make a loaf. I don't think it took much more than 30 minutes of work this first time to make the dough, so next time it might be even quicker. It turned out great and was yummy.

The bottom picture is of some pollo pinto gallo with a bunch of hot sauce on it (just the way I like it). This was a favorite dish when we have visited Costa Rica and is a typical dish there and now is a typical dish in our home. Although in Costa Rica it is usually just pinto gallo and the pollo is served on the side.

The other thing I made that I didn't take a picture of was strawberry-rhubarb pie with oatmeal crust & crumble topping. That was yummy, in fact, I think I may go help myself to some leftovers.

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