Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of 2012 Review

Well, I went back and looked at my goals for 2012 and I didn't quite accomplish all those things I had
set out to.

I did do 5 different 5K runs, one was a Warrior Dash which has 11 obstacles (tough!) over the course.

The runs were:
*Maple Syrup Run
*Medford 5K (don't have a pic from this one)
*Warrior Dash
*Color Run
*Scare in the Bear

I took snowboarding lessons which ended badly with me hurting my wrist. I was bull headed and never went in to the Dr to have xrays but wore a metal brace (courtesy of Andy's motorcycle accident several years ago) for over a month, but I have maintained exercising 5x a week all year even while I was injured. Did I mention that before that I fractured a rub, Jeesh! I didn't start out the year good to my bones.

So, those injuries squashed my plans for the indoor tri. I still would like to try one of those first before I do an outdoor one.

As for my goal for an outdoor one, I was dragging my feet on buying a road bike (it's a big expense I wasn't sure I wanted to spend but I do love my new bike) and I wasn't working on swimming and all of it kinda freaks me out. I need to build up more confidence in myself to be able to tackle I tri I think.

I did take my wheel pottery class and enjoyed it - you have seen the posts. I joined the art center and hope to get back to there 1-2x a month so I can make new creations.

I did not make my rag rug. I wonder if I could get that done in a day. There is still tomorrow left to 2012. Or at least start it.

I did go kayaking - once. I think the fact that we bought a boat this summer had an impact on this.

And the winter of early 2012 did not yield snow to do any XXCing or snowshoeing. Boooooooo!

Looking in to 2013 I still would like to try my first indoor tri and I think I have convinced myself to do my first half marathon (in May - eeeek!). I am signed up for another Warrior Dash (different location this time) and will probably do a couple other 5Ks (not signed up for any others yet)

I would also like to tackle a do-it-ourselves (on a budget) semi remodel of the kitchen involving updating cabinets, wood trim & wainscot,  backsplash and possibly countertops (we gotta see how much that will cost.)

The other do-it-ourselves (on a budget) semi remodel I want to tackle is turning the unfinished area in our basement that I use for sewing (& storing all my crafting supplies) in to a cheery and more organized space. Most of it will be painting the gray bricks but there is also a floor treatment I want to try and getting more storage solutions and organizing it more.I have started the organization piece and have all my fabric organized (holy cow do I have a lot of fabric!!!!) but there is so much more that need to be sorted and labeled in bins.

And we need to get a new flat room (over the playroom) put on next spring and want to put in some more gutters -- those are not really goals, but something that is is in the works for 2013.

I should be working on a rag rug instead of still typing this post. LOL!

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