Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Fun & Crazy Pics from WA & BC that I might not post other places

With the boy at Chihuly, taking the picture down at us, before I realized the awesome glass above us and then.......

Took this one......btw, over half of my pictures either have him sticking out his tongue or pretending he is a zombie

Nice picture of the kids looking out at the waterfront at Pike Place

Kids pointing at where they put their first piece of gum (not touching it) before we found out that was the "official" wall and gets scraped clean a couple times a year. We then put it on the opposite wall in the location that is on the national historical registry and so will never be scraped clean

In front of all the gross gum.....imagine all the germs....

Kids on the water stairs that are across the street from the Seattle Art Museum

 Random weird find of a wooden  Sasquatch

On the stage at the Seattle Center.......a couple of crazy kids.....

Wearing her wiki stix glasses she made....great idea to give WS with a kids meal!!

My burger, the New Yorker (one of the sauces on it is a hot sauce ketchup) from the Lunchbox Laboratory

It was hot in Seattle (usually it is 10 degrees cooler) so the kids enjoyed some shaved Ice at the Seattle Center after playing on the playground

Brain eating zombie & statue of liberty poses in front of Little Sister Liberty...

 With the kids on Alki Beach

I look happy here, but I was actually slightly terrified that the boy would lean forward and fall right out of the ski lift as we were carried up to the top of Grouse Mountain.

Everyone using their binoculars at the top of Grouse Mountain in the wind turbine viewing area. I bought them before we went on this trip. We didn't spend a whole lot of money on souvenirs on the trip, but I did buy some things ahead of time (like binoculars) to help make this trip more enjoyable and that we could continue to use afterwards and not be spending money just to spend money on souvenirs. We did buy a Seattle t-shirt for each us, but that will get used. Kids have each worn their twice on the trip already.

Rock stacking at Lynn Canyon....It was like a gallery of these that so many people made, this is one the girl made

He looks like I caught him doing something he shouldn't. This is at the 30ft. pool at Lynn Canyon.....there is cliff jumping here that some crazy young men were doing.....not sure if I would be brave or crazy enough to do it....perhaps...

Back in WA at Larrabee State Park....view of the San Juan islands....picture before we changed to explore rocks in another cove that were covered in a slick moss & seaweed as well as tons of SHARP barnacles which I slipped on proceeded to gas up my hands so that I looked like I was in a fight with a cougar and thus ended our playtime there, but only about 10-15 minutes earlier, so we had lots of fun exploring before we left.

So happy to find starfish. 2 years ago when we were in Oregon we saw tons of them, then some kind of disease killed them off last year and we didn't see one starfish last year on the coast in Oregon. It wasn't until Day 9 of our trip that we even found these starfish in Washington, but we were happy to see them.

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