Monday, May 29, 2017

Pictures from Wisconsin

I leave way too many pictures just sitting there on my phone and don't share them, so since I have the time today and am on a roll sharing stuff on the blogs I thought I would just share even more. 

These are all pictures from this weekend, Memorial Weekend, when we went to Wisconsin to visit family.

Many of these pictures are from George's Pond. You won't find it listed on a map because it is on private property and belong to my parents friend George. We brought along our inflatable kayak (this is the one my daughter uses and the rest of us have hard molded kayaks.)

Some deer tracks next to some other tracks, we were unsure if they are from a wolf or a coyote.

Love me some WI cheese, but not just any WI cheese. These squeaky cheese curds and string cheese come from Springside.

Selfie while kayaking.

Hill swallow nests

An egg that rolled out of the hill swallow nests and cracked. :(

The farm I grew up on

Some tree pictures from my parents property

The kids are out there on the kayak and my parents paddle boat.

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