Sunday, May 14, 2006


I watched Dr. Know today (2 episodes).

On the first episode, they tested the 5-second rule. They tested shrimp, canteloupe, & a jelly bean in a variety of locations, including: park, sidewalk, mall floor, kitchen floor, & home carpet. They found eColi on the shrimp & canteloupe in ALL locations, but there was more on the inside locations (which they attribute to sunlight, which kills the eColi in the outside locations.) The only place the jelly bean picked up some eColi was in the park, which they attribute to wet grass making the jelly beans suseptible to picking up bacteria, otherwise the other locations the jelly bean remained dry & free of eColi.

The other thing they tested was whether or not dog's mouths are cleaner than human. What they found was that both human and dogs had loads of bateria in their mouths, but some of that bacteria in the dogs mouth are pathogenic to humans. They also tested whether or not the bacteria had antiseptic properties and they foudn that in both humans and dogs the saliva had a little bit of antiseptic properties.

On the 2nd show the first thing they tested was whether or not listening to loud music @ a concert damages your hearing. If you ask Andy about this one, he will tell you yes. He was a drummer growing up and was in high school band, in bands, and also was in Chop, Inc. After years of exposure to loud sounds, he is left with ringing in his ears. I had to get used to sleeping with a fan on so that he had white noise when we would sleep, otherwise the ringing in his ears would drive him nuts and keep him from sleeping. They found that the people with the $100 earplugs and the 99-cent ear plugs had no hearing loss, but the person with no ear plugs had hearing loss in high frequencies for 2-days, but this could become more permanent if the exposure is continued overtime.

The next thing they tested was whether or not sitting too long in front of the tv is bad for your eyes. They also tested it in front of a computer screen - both for 4 hours. They found that there was no damage to eyes of either person after 4 hours of constant viewing. It can cause eye strain, but not eye damage. They said there is no connection between eye strain & long-term eye damage.

I kinda like the show. It's interesting to see them de-bunk or prove the common myths.


Kinky Phanie Gates said...

What channel is that show on? It sounds alot like Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. They had a very similar show regarding the 5-second rule and if a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans. With the 5 second rule they found that it doens't matter that if you pick the food up that quickly it will still have bacteria on it. The other thing they found was that ist didn't matter how long the food was on the floor (10 seconds, 15 seconds, ect) it didn't seem to affect the amount of bacteria founfd on the item.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

It was on Discovery Health. Sounds like they used the same exact material, but just had different people presenting it.

Meow said...

These shows make us paranoid. My entire department wipes down everything. Keyboards, phones, toaster levers, microwave buttons, every counter top, every table, t.v. buttons you name it. We're like a department full of Monks. LOL