Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kudos for an eBay Seller!

I have made no secret of my addiction to eBay. I have bought several items from Celtic Folk Herbals. I have never given my kudos on my blog before to an eBay seller before, but I am this time. She sells handmade herbal prodcuts. She uses quality ingredients. I have bought from her several different times and just got another shipment today. Before I just bought lip balms and I really like them and each time she has included an additional free one. This time I bought some Mommy Belly Balm to use on my pregnant belly & afterward. I haven't used it yet, as the postwoman just dropped it off, but this time she gave me another free lip balm & a free sample of jamine glycerin soap. I have used the lip balms already and do like them a lot. So, if you want to or likes to use natural products, you should check out her eBay store. Happy Shopping!

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