Sunday, November 19, 2006

5 Days Until Black Friday

It's amazing how all the ads get out there. i just found Lowe's here. I still would rather see the ad than read a list, but since this is all you can see right now then I guess that is how it must be. There is a Gamestop by us too. Here are other stores by us:

Ace Hardware
JC Penney
Office Depot
Radio Shack

I don't know where I will all go, but at least 2-3 places for sure. Harry & David has a extra 25% off coupon (went & picked that up today) and Nike has an extra 20% from 6-11am. We have an Old Navy here, but it's an outlet, so they have different sale items than the regular store. Here's a extra 10% off coupon for Liz Claiborne.

Of course, if I wanted to drive to the Cities I would have many other additional choices. These are just my choices within 10 miles of our home.

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