Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scrubbing Bubbles

It seems that the shower is not something that makes it to the top of my cleaning list. I am more apt to clean the things that people see (although I am sure there are people that snoop in the shower.) Anyways, I bought into the TV ad for Scrubbing Bubbles. I really wanted to buy it. Then I saw it was on sale @ Target this week (still on sale today - Saturday) for $18 for the starter kit, which includes the machine with batteries and 2 containers of cleaning liquid. Plus you get a $5 Target giftcard for buying it. Great! I am at Target all the time, so that will get used.

But there is also a $7 coupon on their website for it as well. An Even better deal! So, now it costs me $11, plus I get the $5 giftcard.

I just installed it (it hangs from the shower head) yesterday. I am supposed to have a sparkling clean shower (without ding anything else other than touching a button) in 14-21 days (each container is supposed to last 21 days if used daily.)

So, I'll have to let you know how it ends up working out.


Meow said...

But does it get every part of the shower clean?????

Lame Shrill Owl said...

so far it seems to be working ok.

It does get all around the shower, but it doesn't get over where it hangs, just level and below.

It seems to do well with the water spots on the shower curtain and is getting the soap scum off the tub.