Monday, October 18, 2010

New Hair Color

Last night my colorist friend, Caitlin, played kitchen beautician with me and made me very blond & very straight. The blond is permanent, the straightness is not (just blow out & flat iron.) Normally she just does color at her job & someone else does the styling, but she really wanted to style my hair too since her daughter (one of DD's little friends) never lets her do her hair, she never gets to play with hair after she has colored it. And then we took it a step further & she did my makeup too so that the before & after pictures (taken with phone) would have the maximum impact. My before picture looks kinda straight, but that is because I had just taken it out of a ponytail (which flatten the top half against my head.

My daughter likes that I have blond hair like her now. Although, she's been begging me to straighten her hair this morning.

My poor son didn't recognize me this morning when I went to get him out of his crib. I had to say a few things before he would put his arms out to me to pick him up. He just kept giving this weird look until he knew it was me.

I like the blond. Although, with such a dramatic change to blond AND straight it almost seems like I am wearing a wig. In a couple weeks, we are going to take it one step further and make it a little sassy & add a hot pink streak. But for now, it's just blond because we have family pictures coming up and I wanted just blond for that. Now I have to decide if I want her to dye my actual hair pink or weave in an extension.

With an extension, the hair is artificial and the color will stay as long as the extension stays in, but the curl will be hard to match with mine. Plus, I have never had a weave put in, what's that feel like? Is it hard to comb by it? Does feel weird on my head? If we go with my actual hair and dye it, the color will fade but it will be my natural hair & curl & nothing extra on my head. Decisions, decisions....

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