Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Spookiest, Coolest House

Well, we had planned to do a lot of our own decorations and much of these are (5 pumpkin/ghost leaf bags, ghosts in the trees, flying ghost on porch, skeleton scarecrow, plastic hangings of witch & warewolf, small ghosts hanging from porch, glow in the dark ghost by the door, scarecrow wreath, glow in the dark stars on ceiling of porch, glow in the dark skeleton, pumpkin & carved pumpkins, & homemade window decorations, but then we got picked by SheSpeaks to be a Snickers Coolest House.

This is such an awesome sampling opportunity. They sent me bags & bags & bags of candy. 2/3 of the bags are of the new Snickers bar, Snickers Squared and the other 1/3 is of regular Snickers. There are 300 pieces of candy in all. So, these are being passed out on Halloween and at our Halloween parties this week.

They also sent us a bag of spider webs, a big banner to hang up, some window clings, some "warning" tape, a strobe light and a fog machine. During the day you can't see the strobe light and it was too windy to have the fog machine going. But come Halloween when I add our own colored light to the porch, turned on the fog machine & strobe light, we are going to have the spookiest porch in the whole town.

My daughter has been so pumped about all of this. She loved decorating the porch and then to decorate it even more was a treat. I can't wait to see her face when the lights & fog are added.

Also, I have to add that, you can only get this new Snicker candy bar, Snickers Squared, and the houses chosen for the sampling program. They won't be available to buy until this winter.

So, if you live in my area, stop on by and check out our spooky porch and come try out the new Snickers Squared. Or maybe you are lucky enough to be at one of our Halloween parties and will get one there.

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